WaPo is pushing the girl power theme, asserting that the ladies are taking over the social media dance floor:

Are social media sites destined to always be the online equivalent of a seventh-grade dance? Men on one side, women on the other?

The numbers suggest that, instead, women will soon overrun the dance floor of social media sites — and what’s more, be the DJs, too.

Since 2008, according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project’s Kathryn Zickuhr, women have led men in the use of social media sites. Women not only outnumber men on the sites (69 percent of women use social media, compared with 60 percent of men), they also spend more time on them. Women use social media sites to be, well, social, whereas, Zickuhr says, men are more task-oriented, using the sites to promote themselves and gather information.

I’m not buying the framework, which is a zero sum game.

There is no social media dance floor.  It’s more like a bunch of isolated dance floors which have their own character and audience.

I have no idea if these demographics of Legal Insurrection readers are accurate, but if true, you look pretty much like me demographically:

If women use Facebook more (I believe that), what do I care?  Mommy Bloggers, be they the “I love my kids, aren’t they special?” or “I hate my life” types, don’t get in my way.

I’ve even come to accept the existence of cat bloggers, although I question the social utility.

They are not depriving me of my space.  I’m mostly not even aware they exist.

No man is an island? Maybe, but this blog is.


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