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The Great Mistake

The Great Mistake

From reader David:

I captured this one in Daytona Beach, FL. I was stopped and waiting behind a school bus.


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IMO.. If anyone other than Newt gets the nominee, we will be seeing alot more of those bumper stickers!!!

I don’t understand why everyone complains about Barry O. He’s just trying to connect to the ‘Common Man’ out there. He vacations on Marthas Vineyard each year, he and his wife travel in seperate jets on vacation so she can arrive early and set things up. They go to Hawaii on their second vacation each year. And of cource Michele goes to either Vail, or Aspen in the fall to ski. And then there is Spain and South Africa to catch her breath. Tonight Barry O will be here in Orlando for a $30,000 per plate dinner with ‘Middle America’. All told that’s 16 vacations in 3 years for one or both of Chicagos finest. What’s not to like?

Thanks to the Obama camp for designing the trademark red, white and blue “O”, for the ease and brevity with which he can be lampooned and ridiculed as a massive failure.

“I was stopped and waiting behind a school bus.”

That sticker is on a school bus? Now that’s progress.