Call me a skeptic (or a shill), but I think I am being more level-headed than those who think last night put Santorum on the fast track.

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  • Seven Minutes Of Rick Santorum Talking About How Great Mitt Romney Is (h/t CWLsun in Tip Line).  Mitt Romney “understands why he is a conservative, … it’s not just in his head anymore, it’s in his heart.”  Sounds like Santorum was, um, brainwashed.
  • WaPo columnist about to lose friends: “Or maybe it’s dawning on Wisconsinites — even some who don’t like Walker’s policies — that it would be a disaster to cut his term in half at the behest of a special interest group. That would confirm Wisconsin’s public-sector unions as the state’s de facto rulers, which really would be the end of democracy.”  (h/t MaggotAtBroadAndWall in Tip Line).