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Sheeee’s baaaack

Sheeee’s baaaack

A PBS documentary about which supporters of Bill are not happy:

Monica Lewinsky has attempted to keep a low-profile after her role in President Bill Clinton’s impeachment scandal made her name the butt of many late-night jokes. But she’s likely to become a topic of discussion again when PBS airs its much anticipated two-part, four-hour documentary on the former president, titled “Clinton.”

The documentary, which premieres on PBS as part of its “American Experience” series on Monday, will shed new light on Clinton’s Oval Office affair with his 23-year-old intern through interviews with some of Clinton’s closest advisors, some of whom are speaking publicly about the affair for the first time.

Among the former White House staffers appearing on camera are Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and Clinton’s former reelection campaign manager, Dick Morris.

Watch Clinton and Lying: the Lewinsky Scandal on PBS. See more from American Experience.


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I still feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky. She was a young, impressionable girl close to the very seat of power. She was used by both sides for their own political purposes and she was not in a position to handle the notoriety. I am sorry this will be an interruption to the life she is rebuilding.

    I agree. She was a twenty-something intern who was “desperately in love” with Slick Willy (according to Lucianne in the documentary) while she was nothing more than just another dalliance to him.

    Browndog in reply to RickCaird. | February 21, 2012 at 7:08 pm


    How is a fully grown adult expected to be held accountable for their actions?

    I mean, how was she supposed to know he was married? Or, having sex in her work place with her boss was wrong?

    Besides. alot of people get their freak in the back room of a 7/11..Oval Office…same diff-

1. According to the LAT link, Lewinsky is keeping a low profile.

If she tries to capitalize on her former notoriety, afaic she is fair game. Otherwise the silly girl should be left alone. She’s no longer a girl and, who knows, maybe she isn’t silly anymore. Stranger things have happened.

2. Decades later I still cringe at some incidents during youth. Heaven knows what I would have done if provided with Lewinsky’s advantages.

3. Dick Morris is punditicating about the Clinton scandal?

She served at the pleasure of the president, just like everybody else in an administration.

Mr Clinton would have done better to copy his presidential idol by avoiding the 23 year old interns…and instead going after the 19 year old interns.

Poor Monica. If she had even a modicum of media skills she could have majorly cashed in on her notoriety, and probably had quite a career afterwards and ongoing. But instead she slunk away from it all under a cloud of shame. She could still do it, but she would need to seriously develop those media skills. Maybe she just doesn’t have what it takes.

Clinton need not worry. I watched the first part last night (Monday). The piece is unbelievably flattering of Clinton. It was also a massive sleight-of-hand about the MSM, trying over and over and over to peddle the notion that the News Media was relentless in confronting Clinton.

These people are shameless and there appears to be no bottom to the pit that forms their dishonesty.


Mr Clinton would have done better to copy his presidential idol by avoiding the 23 year old interns…and instead going after the 19 year old interns.

Clinton might have fared better had he made Monica take care of the needs of Vince Foster. Who knows, Vince might still be alive today.

Monica has the precise oral skill set that would make her a natural at MSNBC.

Odd that this stuff never seems to go away …

“Lawyer for Dominique Strauss-Kahn:

I challenge you to distinguish a naked prostitute from any other naked woman.‘”

In light of other recent events in the news, I’d like to point out that you called Monica the “the butt of many late-night jokes” Obviously, you’re sexist. And since she may be Jewish, you may be anti-semitic (only your doctor knows for sure). 🙂

Remember this?
HUSTLER magazine tricked conservative former House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston into thinking it had proof of his extramarital affairs in 1998, forcing him to resign and taking the heat off then-sex-scandal-beleaguered President Bill Clinton.

So, where are the apologies from all the people who defended Clinton?

Oh, we’ll get no apologies from the MSM. They just continue to cover up what the current Democrat President is doing to this nation by sinking it into oblivion.

I can see the headlines now:

Lewinsky Bares All, Again!

And a bunch more that even I think go over the line…

Clinton did little compared with Kennedy’s shenanigans. How incredible that in those relatively up-tight times, the media and wagging tongues were hush, but in the so-called more sophisticated “sex-positivist” times, such a brouhaha is still being made over Clinton. Let me add Gingrich. So many sex scandals, but such an uneven standard regarding the attention from them.

What is any of this for, anyway? Entertainment? Education? How about we get some info and investigative reporting from the MSM on Obama. I, for one, want to know about his alleged homosexual affair with Larry Sinclair.

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