In addressing the issue of contraception, brought up by John King at the Arizona debate, David Gergen felt compelled to point out something that had nothing to do with the issue, that the candidates are “four white guys” (emphasis mine):

But then it has now sort of morphed out of that. Once Obama found his compromise, it’s morphed out of that. It’s part of a more general conversation about contraception, and even tonight about culture when Rick Santorum got into what’s happening to families. And for a lot of women it sounds like four white guys who are out there telling them, “Here’s how we’re going to control your lives.”

What does being a “white guy” have to do with the contraception dispute?

Does Gergen think that if Herman Cain still were in the race and on stage that he would have taken a different position than the “four white guys.”

Let’s play role reversal.  Most Republicans and plenty of independents believe Obamacare is an attempt to control everyone’s lives.  Would Gergen dare say that Obama just “sounds like a black guy who is out there telling them, ‘Here’s how we’re going to control your lives.’”

And by the way David, not everyone appreciates you purporting to know what women want, particularly conservative women:

You know, it’s that smug cer­tainty that is imbued within Gergen’s atti­tu­di­nal hedo­nism as he speaks with no detectable irony for all women every­where about the elit­ism of the Repub­li­can candidates.  Quite a star­tling vision to behold….

Con­ser­v­a­tive women see four politi­cians who are strug­gling to artic­u­late the con­ser­v­a­tive mes­sage of self-reliance, laissez-faire cap­i­tal­ism and the right to self-determination which must be infused with moral clar­ity in order to func­tion in this world of despots who seek to con­trol every­thing from how much money you make, to what car you drive, to your caloric intake, to where you dare say the word “God,” to which med­ical ser­vices you receive.  We see four less than ideal can­di­dates who as yet can’t reflect the con­ser­v­a­tive long­ing to end the con­trol that gov­ern­ment already holds over our lives.

I really don’t get what our Repub­li­can can­di­dates find so dif­fi­cult to grasp.  The mes­sage is sim­ple.  Pay for your own damn birth con­trol…. What more do you want?  Free ship­ping and han­dling?

Has “white guy” simply become the proxy for everything with which an MSM commentator disagrees or cannot otherwise explain?

I know, asked and answered.


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