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That’s the bumper sticker I’m waiting for.

Thanks to reader Steve, who writes:

Saw these at the PetSmart on Charlotte in West Nashville, TN. Other than noticing they are a hockey fan, I’ll let you decipher where this person stands on the issues.


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What a bubblehead! I wish this person would take this car and sticker to SaudiA, Jordan, West Bank, etc and stop moralizing vacantly to the rest of us.

Hey, at least she’s a believer…

    Juba Doobai! in reply to ncmont. | February 14, 2012 at 9:49 am

    Believer in what? Nothing? There are lots of roads but one right, straight, and narrow way to God. The moron is also practicing anti-Cahristian bigotry. Where’s the cross? No, that thing ain’t it!

homosexual bending christianity to conform to her sinful lifestyle. accept me or God will punish you… in line with lady gags and that awful niki minaj….what is wrong with pop music? what is wrong with people? reap what you sow…..

Wow, just 10-more stickers and we’d have had World Peace! But, she’s not worthy!

looks like their all out of sticker space, guess they’ll have to stick the next one where the sun don’t shine:)

As a former collegiate and juniors ice hockey player, I’d point out that the owner of this vehicle is a Nashville Predators fan, not a hockey fan.


Next step, stand toe to toe with this oh-so-tolerant individual and loudly proclaim, “I totally and utterly reject your premise and your worldview!”

Then step back and observe the reaction.

Odd are high it won’t be a sweet smile of affirmation and — dare we say — acceptance?

Not unlike the person who proudly proclaims, “There are no absolutes!” When asked if he/she trulaly…totally un-self-aware that his/her very statement is a total denial of that very premise.

Oops….premature launch! D’oh…

The “P” bears a remarkable resemblance to a mutated Christian cross. I wonder if it was intentionally distorted.

As for “C”, I completely agree. The natural order describes male and female couples to be singularly productive. The extra “C” appears to be superfluous, and could have been rejected; but, tolerating its inclusion seems justifiable, if only because of its de facto presence.

The “Simplify your life” bumper sticker is really out of place there. She should simplify her bumper sticker collection. (Yes, I’m sure she’s a she.)

Acceptance. It’s the new submission.

The driver is pro- bumper sticker.