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Pure Vermont

Pure Vermont

Oops, forgot, not allowed to say that.

From reader Tom, who spotted this Vermont vehicle on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY, and writes:

You’ve probably already seen the “responsible” sticker, but it was new for me.

Thanks for your continued insight on all things conservative.

Actually, I don’t think we’ve seen the “responsible” sticker before, although the Coexist sticker looks vaguely familiar.



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I’d say it is not a very good or clever disquise:)

looks like the hippie car I pulled out of ditch in 8″ of snow on top or rain/ice this weekend with my horrible full size 97 crown vic.
I am a horrible person for not using a car that gets 35+ mpg per some. but they sure appreciate the tow.

Evidently a deranged individual…….:)

That looks like the many Smart Cars, Fits, Priuses, etc…and old ’60s era VW buses…in the Portland, Oregon metro area. In fact, I think those cars come from the dealerships looking like that. It’s a law, or something. ;o)