Sometime late last night or early this morning Eastern time, the final results in Nevada were released.

Romney came in with a 1% lower percentage of the vote than in 2008, but more significantly, both Romney’s actual number of votes and Republican participation in the caucuses was way down from 2008.

Over 44,000 votes were cast in 2008 to just under 33,000 in 2012.  Romney received 22,646 votes in 2008 versus 16,486 in 2012.

Spin away.

Update:  In addition to the ominous signs of flat or lower turnout in every state except South Carolina, comes this ABC/WaPo poll released this morning, finding Romney strengthening his position in the GOP race but falling further behind Obama:

Notably, 52 percent in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, say the more they hear about Romney the less they like him – double the number who like him more.


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