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NBC: The new Mayor of Ithaca sure reminds us of Obama

NBC: The new Mayor of Ithaca sure reminds us of Obama

I guess the comparison to Obama was inevitable, and NBC goes full “deja vu” on the new Mayor of Ithaca, Svante Myrick.

I wouldn’t pigeonhole him yet; he ran an insurgent campaign against the entrenched Ithaca Democratic political establishment and also defeated the designated Progressive candidate.  He won with a lot of help from students.

Myrick is only in office a little while, let’s see how he holds up.

But until then, to the mainstream media, which supposedly cannot see color:

Myrick’s family was at times homeless when he was young.  He was raised by his mother and grandparents in upstate New York. Myrick is biracial, the son of a white mother and African American father.  His upbringing and early political success has drawn comparisons to President Obama. While Myrick shies away from the comparison, he acknowledges that the president did inspire him.

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“…the mainstream media, which supposedly cannot see color”

Shoot, that is what they see FIRST. Next is gender. Next is sexual orientation…

They are hard-wired NOT to see INDIVIDUALS. When you DO see people as individuals, it is harder to be a Collectivist.

    It is also the premise for enforcing divisions. They partition us by our incidental features, then emphasize and exploit our differences. They are especially fond of employing tactics justified by a selective history, which demonstrates a progressive inability to distinguish between individuals not only physically but temporally. It is paradoxical that those who purport to adhere to an objective faith are actually its worst offenders. This does not include individual dignity, which while axiomatic is universally accepted by sane people.

    There is one other observation I would like to share. The behavioral evidence is that as individuals move left in their perspective of reality, the greater distrust they exhibit in their fellow human beings. While there is a reasonable and optimal compromise to be struck between individual and collective (e.g. government) authority, the predisposition of some people is to fear the unpredictable nature of individuals, while others (e.g. alphas, wannabes, and opportunists) have noticed that hesitation can be exploited to consolidate wealth and power for their own benefit.

    It is further paradoxical that while some people defer to a God, especially for their post-mortem affairs, others defer to alphas (or mortal gods) for their mortal affairs. The juxtaposition of these outlooks is both interesting and amusing.

Well said, Ragspierre.

There was supposed to be an inverse relationship between having the first black president and obsession about race … and I’m seeing just the opposite.

It’s true the media is colorblind … they only see things in black and white!

Years ago when I subscribed to the LA Times, I often got a (irritating) kick out of its Sunday magazine section. Quite a few times, the cover feature story would be about some former gang member or other awful former person who was now a graffiti artist appreciated by some liberal galleries, etc.

Yeah, they weren’t doing the bad things they were doing before, kudos there, but the fawning, glowing portraits of these black and hispanic men always bothered me.

You never saw the same such treatment of white or Asian men. Were there no such stories? Or were such stories not sought out?

Either way … why no celebration of men who grew up not only never having been a threat or burden to society, but were actually good citizens. Or just a little shout out to their parents … who taught them right from wrong at an early age … how about a little celebration for their self-sacrifice?

How about some celebration of the Unknown Good Parent?

P.S. Well said, too, n.n.

Today, mayor.

Next year, Senator.

2016 President.

Yep, it’s Barry alright.

The second adjective to describe him was “bi-racial”.

Governor Paul LePage of Maine was also homeless as a child, but since he’s a Republican, not worth a mention by the MSM.

But is he articulate and clean?

Grover Cleveland wanna be? Slightly different route: Mayor of an upstate NY city, Governor of NY, President. I can’t find out anything on his marital status, but if he’s single, that’s another similarity.