Deep down in Update III to a Thighgate post, Robert Stacy McCain makes an observation which is spot on about the mood out here in blog-over country:

There has been a lot of crazy on the blogosphere today that had nothing to do with me and, discussing it with Jimmie Bise Jr. this afternoon, we reached an agreement that a lot of conservatives are feeling frustrated lately. They are disappointed in the presidential field; their favorite candidate either dropped out long ago or is currently in third place. And there was also some disgruntlement over CPAC this year. Ergo, people are happy to have someone to lash out at.

I’ve been feeling and feeding on the mounting frustration.  And it’s not just about candidate placement, or any one or two things.

It’s a general disgust with the Republican Party and its intelligentsia, a feeling of being trapped.

It’s mostly an intra-Party problem.  No blaming Obama for this malaise, or that disgust in our hearts.