Jennifer Rubin, the “right” blogger at The Washington Post and incessant Romney promoter, repeatedly has lashed out at Newt Gingrich with truly vile language unbecoming a writer at a major newspaper.

At 9:00 a.m. this morning, when Rubin thought Donald Trump would be endorsing Newt, here is what Rubin wrote in a post titled Egomaniacs R Us – Trump to pick Newt (emphasis mine):

Herman Cain, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and now, it seems, Donald Trump have lined up behind Newt Gingrich. It’s convenient to have a candidate like Gingrich who attracts the unserious, the unpresidential, the uninformed and the unpalatable all in one convenient locale. It saves the time and effort needed to determine who is a credible Republican and who is not (Gingrich supporters)….

There is a weird commonality among Cain, Trump and Gingrich — an unseemly pattern of behavior with women. Perhaps that’s simply one manifestation of their egomania. And all of these pro-Newt characters share a penchant for extreme, nasty rhetoric with a disdain for productive governance. This is all about THEM and their PR machines….

Really, what’s next for Newt — a Duke Cunningham endorsement from a jail cell?

Rubin tweeted that Trump should climb out of the clown car along with Newt, Palin, Perry and Cain:

And that with the Trump endorsement, all the “loonies” would be on one side of the playing field:

Rubin even mocked the fact that Sharon Angle had endorsed Rick Santorum as evidence that all the “nutters” like Trump supported Newt:

But then the story changed, as details leaked out that Trump would be endorsing Romney.

The endorsement was not a fluke, it was the result of discussions at the highest levels of the Romney campaign, reports ABC:

Trump’s endorsement of Romney comes on the heels of multiple discussions between members of Romney’s team and Trump’s office over the past few months. These conversations took place at the highest levels of the Romney campaign apparatus, including campaign manager Matt Rhoades.

So what was Rubin to do?  Was Romney now a clown, unserious, unprincipled, uninformed and unpalatable?  Was Romney now an egomaniac?  No, his Boston campaign managers just made a bad decision, she wrote.

Yet before Rubin decided to throw Romney’s campaign team overboard in an effort to salvage her straight face, Rubin made sure to put in another demeaning shot at those in the conservative blogosphere who support Newt, in a post ironically titled How The Right Can Get Its Reputation Back:

Movement conservatives risk becoming the target of mockery, an irrelevant exercise that is more for laughs (at their own expense) than politically significant. Having tied themselves to Newt Gingrich they now can be painted, accurately enough, as cranks.

As they say on Twitter:  LMAO.

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