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It’s days like this

It’s days like this

It’s days like this when I particularly appreciate reader tips:


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Raquel Pinkbullet | February 27, 2012 at 4:22 pm

I knew Jan Brewer was a RINO. If SB1070 (which she initially didn’t want to sign) didn’t fall in her lap, her real record of trying to raise taxes,and increase spending would have sealed her faith in the primary. Brewer is no conservative. So her endorsing Mittens is no surprise. Birds of a feather, stick together.

Thank you, Raquel Pinkbullet. I didn’t know that. It helps to know.

I volunteered to enter names for the Wisconsin recall after you posted a link a week or so ago. I am not surprised Walker isn’t challenging the signatures. I probably entered names for a total of 12 hours and found very few obvious problems. One update mentioned they found approximately 35,000 total issues that could be challenged. They would have needed way more than that to mount a credible challenge.

Still, it was interesting to see the petitions. It looked as though they hit typical dem strongholds hard to collect the signatures. Most of the pollsters and statisticians I follow on Twitter seem to think the recall is a loser for Dems. I hope they are right; the recall is one battle we can’t lose this November.

    Mary Sue in reply to Mary Sue. | February 27, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    I just got another update from True the Vote. There were quite a few more problems found once they could analyze the data entered:
    Variables Analyzed* Total Counts
    Total Number of Pages Submitted 152,508
    Total Number of Pages Processed 138,203
    Number of Pages Unable to Access undetermined
    Number Records Processed 1,382,058
    Blank Lines 557,469
    Unique Records 819,233
    Incomplete / Indecipherable Records 36,127
    Sign Date Out of Range 14,763
    Out of State 4718
    Duplicate Signatures 5356
    Total Ineligible Signatures 55,608
    Total Signatures for Further Investigation** 228,940
    Total Eligible Signatures based on data available 534,685

    At a minimum this means Dems are 150,000 short of the widely touted 1,000,000 signatures – even if they have enough signatures to mount the recall. True the Vote is planning on finishing entering all data even though Scott Walker is not going to challenge the petitions:

    We’ve received many inquires about whether or not we will continue to enter data after today, since today was the final day for Governor Walker’s campaign to enter challenges. Yes, yes, absolutely yes. We are still entering data – and there is still a great need for volunteers to help close out this project. You may have heard that Governor Walker chose not to challenge – but he has also asked that the Government Accountability Board consider the findings of our Verify the Recall effort so our work will remain in the spotlight.

    We’ve also been asked why we’re doing this if we can’t be sure our work will matter. If the GAB turns a blind eye to our efforts, did we really make a difference? Yes, yes, absolutely yes. Sometimes the only way you can make things change is to prove that they need to be changed. Because of your help we are standing in the gap of government, doing a job that the GAB said they wouldn’t do, posting our results online for all the world to see, upholding the integrity of our election processes, and use the pressure of public awareness to hold the GAB accountable and encourage reform – not just in Wisconsin but across the country.

    When it is said a thing can’t be done, and you do it; when it is said there are no problems, and you expose them, that is the beginning of change. Were we to have done nothing, nothing would have changed – and the stakes are too high to do nothing.

    I think I will probably donate a few more hours of my time to help finish entering the names. If anyone still wants to volunteer, you can register here

btw, speaking of good reader info in the tips line, conservativegram left a link for a speech by Newt from the First Redeemer Church in Cumming, Georgia from February 26, 2012.


Cumming, Georgia – February 26, 2012 – 69:04 — Newt starts at about 24:47 — Newt talks about American History, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the meaning of America. Such a great speech.

And here are a bunch of speeches by Newt, all on Elect Ad.

I look forward to the day when the audio is really, really good on these –I’m guessing — citizen videos. The audio here is uneven and sometimes kind of boomy, if that’s the right word.

Hopefully SCOUS will overturn both Affirmative Action and Obamamcare.

    Recognize individual dignity and suggest our leaders address underlying causes (e.g. progressive corruption sponsored by redistributive and retributive change)? I think you’re overly optimistic. As with the general population, SCOTUS is nearly equally divided, and even a gentle breeze is capable of changing the outcome.

That “The White Male Shortage on Campus” story is interesting.

Matters go badly for John. The instructor repeatedly chides him for belittling the ideas of others by rolling his eyes and making facial expressions of disbelief. His insistence on finding a single best possible solution to an economic problem becomes repetitive to the point where the instructor suggests that he seek help at the school’s counseling center to manage his anger. John’s recourse to statistical data is interpreted as just showing off. By the third week is he no longer blurting out “What about trade-offs and opportunity costs?,” since nobody pays attention. He discovers that the Internet offers multiple sites explaining economics, he finds a nerdy on-line discussion group, stops attending class and eventually drops out.

Thanks to his Internet contacts, John joins a small start-up and three years later patents a program to detect lying on the Web. It is widely licensed and John is an instant multi-millionaire. Though rich as Croesus he never sends a nickel to his “alma mater.”

This seems like a patch work of many true stories I have seen. The best piece was a story I heard about a guy in a “gender studies” class who did his best to keep a low profile. And I know at least one millionaire who won’t give a dime to his alma mater.

Looks like Patrick Kennedy is still getting over the fact that the MA senate belongs to MA and not the Kennedys, must have been a real shock to him:)

“Patches” was a total embarrassment for the whole time that he affected RI politics. Starting with his stint in the General Assembly and later ascension to the Congress, hardly a month would go by without something negative being revealed regarding his behavior or character.

So what do Rhode Islanders do??? The elect Ciccilini to replace him and he’s not one iota better.

The Ocean State just cannot seem to get anything right…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEA PARTY. Here is your IRS AUDIT package. Hugs and Kisses, Barak.

(Hopeful PS. — Tea Party groups have conference call planned to respond).

“…There is only one person in the world who can destroy Israel. That person is not the leader of Syria or Iran, or the head of some terrorist group. The only person who can destroy Israel is the President of the United States, whose decisions in times of crisis affect Israel’s survival…”

A CBN reporter went to the streets of Jerusalem to ask the people what they were thinking and doing about the potential war with Iran. The answers were very interesting. Nobody mentioned buying gas masks, stockpiling food and water, nor escaping. It seemed to be a random type sampling and the answers were priceless. One said “nothing”, one mentioned the everyday multiple missile launchings from Gaza. The next one laughed and said “I believe Ezekiel 39”. The last one said “I believe G-d will take care of it”.
I respectfully disagree with you, sir, the only person who can destroy Israel is the G-d of Israel. We need to pray that He will intervene in the upcoming March meeting between PM Netanyahu and Obumler because G-d is the only person that can destroy America if the Obumler makes the wrong decision. Israel has the divine promise of existence and protection, America does not. In Hebrew gematria the name Barack Obama has very bad connotations and in one part where it mentions Syria there is evidence of America. Very scary stuff.

conservativegram | February 27, 2012 at 7:20 pm

Normally I wouldn’t post this here, but I looked at the title “It’s days like this” and felt it fit. My neighbor’s niece attends Chardon HS and her boyfriend is one of the students who was injured. They had to remove a bullet that lodged very close to his spine. Though we live about an hour away, my granddaughter’s school was on lock down today. “It’s days like this” that remind us what’s truly important in life. I hope we can all take a second to pray for the victims and their families. Thanks

Hundreds of threats for assault victim in case dismissed by Quran-minded judge.

1. I wonder if there are grounds for a federal civil rights suit here. It might not succeed, but this travesty should not go unchallenged. Also, presumably PA has some kind of disciplinary apparatus against rogue judges.

Imagine what the feds, especially Holder’s feds, would do if a white-on-black assault were dismissed in Alabama on grounds similar to the PA case’s. Or an assault against someone mocking abortion opponents.

2. Mechanicsburg is in Republican Cumberland County. The judge is Republican. I can’t think of a better candidate for recall and/or a Tea Party opponent at the next election.

3. I gather that Judge Martin is not in the best of moods about this case. Let’s give him a moment of sympathy. A few years ago his decision might have gotten him a cushy appointment from the Saudi-kissing Bush administration.

Timing is everything, Mark. Too bad so sad. But don’t lose hope for a “bipartisan” gesture from Obama.