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“Israel Apartheid Week” sickness returns

“Israel Apartheid Week” sickness returns

There are few things so vile as the various “Israel Apartheid Week” activities that have taken place the last few years, an attempt by the coalition of Islamists and Leftists to delegitimize Israel, and everything about Israel.

Look at the speaker list of almost any of the activities, and it’s like a freak show of wilful denial, such as the “Pinkwashing” charges brought by anti-Israeli gay leftists who seem incapable of appreciating the irony that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where they would not be stoned to death or at least severely persecuted.

The pinkwashing charge exposes the true intent, which is the complete denial to Israel of anything good:

The pinkwashing allegation uncovers something deeply nefarious about the anti-Israel movement: Opposition to Israel is rarely limited to criticism of Israel as it relates to the conflict. Instead, it often becomes an all-out attempt to slander every facet of Israel’s existence and to claim that Israel’s real and laudable achievements are just an attempt to “cover up” the darker truth. Israel’s swift responses to the recent humanitarian crises in Turkey and Haiti were similarly dismissed by anti-Israel activists as an opportunity exploited by Israel to whitewash its record.

Here are some links relating to activities which start today:

The good news, as I reported Thursday, is that support for Israel is at a historic high in the U.S. and there is a growing pro-Israel movement among American Christians on campus.‎


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Interesting, isn’t it, that the same people seem to be arrayed against a pluralistic, classically liberal culture in both Israel and the U.S.?

Makes you wanna say…”Hmmm…”

My best buddy at work is a mild-mannered, patriotic, Sarah Palin supporting gay man. His father is a microbiologist who was employed in hospitals all over the world, so my friend grew up in a number of different countries, as well as different regions of America.

He spent a couple years as a teenager in Saudi Arabia when his father was working there. He’s seen real sexism in action. Talk about apartheid of the sexes! And he’s seen real intolerance.

When I told him about the Professor’s first post about the “Pinkwashing” charge against Israel, he chuckled and rolled his eyes. He’s not Jewish, but he knows Israel is the one great hope for tolerance in the Middle East when it comes to homosexuals, women’s rights, religious freedom, etc.

A few weeks ago he said he hopes the Republican nominee wins this year so Israel will know it has a friend in the White House to stand behind Israel when it attacks Iran’s nuclear sites … something he supports. He knows who his friends and enemies are all too well, unlike many others in the gay community. And he also knows Israel and its developments in medicine offer him hope (he’s HIV positive).

He lived in West Hollywood (highest percentage of gays of any municipality in America) during the 2008 election. One day in October he came to work, pulled out his iPhone, and said, “Take a look at this.” A block from his apartment he took a picture of a house that had Hallooween decorations … including a life-sized Sarah Palin doll hanging from a noose. “Can you imagine the outrage if that were Obama?” he asked.

I told him to quickly send the picture to Drudge. It wasn’t on the site. But about an hour later, Drudge had it.

He gets it. He knows Israel and Sarah Palin are his friends. He knows the leftists would only want to use him and Islamists would only want to kill him. He gets it … so there is hope.

He is someone who puts America and freedom before his sexuality … and I guess I would be proud to call him my friend (if I were given to saying cringeworthy, melodramatic things like that).

LukeHandCool (who simply teases his friend just as he teases his own sisters … and if his friend feels, just as Luke’s sisters feel sometimes … that Luke is going too far with his teasing, Luke sweetly says, “Oh, sorry. I grew up emotionally stunted. Teasing is the only way I know how to show affection, you dodo brain. Did your parents ever tell you you’re a real precious assh***?”

I was into seeing Acts of Valor, but Jeff Goldstein tipped me off to a problem with that film. Guess who the villain is?

Israel is forever! Sir, are you aware that there is an advertisement at the top where Grayson’s advertisement usually is recruiting students for Christian colleges? How bout some advertisement for the Jewish colleges? None in Texas, some on west coast, most in NY. You know, to know the Jews is to love them. Here’s a list:

I understand why Islamists hate Jews/Israel, but what’s in it for American liberals on campus? (Not a rhetorical question.. can anyone clue me in?)

    Ragspierre in reply to Henry Hawkins. | February 25, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    Closest I can come is this…

    The Collective HATES a lot of what it PRETENDS to foster…

    This includes tolerance, pluralism, small-d democracy, etc.

    It ALSO HATES America…which, by extension, means it HATES America-like states. This, of course, includes Israel, Great Britain, etc., in direct proportion to their similarity with the American ideal.

    Add a “victimized indigenous people” (“Palestinians” in this case, who are as genuine as Pandorans), and you have a witch’s brew of pure Collectivist delusional delight.

    They hate that which is successful and allows individual expression.

    LukeHandCool in reply to Henry Hawkins. | February 26, 2012 at 2:59 pm


    As a lifelong professional student (who really should sit down one day and add up the thousands of units he’s accumulated over decades) the answer is pretty simple … and the problem is getting worse and worse.

    Undergrads soon learn that leftism is the religion among professors and student groups on campuses. They are not only the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, they are the squeaky wheel ready to stigmatize any student as a racist, sexist, etc., who doesn’t submit to the entrenched orthodoxy.

    Jews are successful. Israel is successful. That’s a no-no. Palestinians in particular, and muslims in general, are seen as underdogs. Everybody loves an underdog. Even murderous, dysfunctional underdogs who cynically cultivate their underdog reputation in order to garner sympathy and support from useful idiots the world over. And what greater breeding ground for useful idiots than university campuses.

    Forget algae. Imagine the potential endless supply of energy if you could harvest the force of trillions of goosebumps shooting skywards on millions of undergrad forearms at rallies in solidarity with the “oppressed” and “downtrodden” Palestinian terrorists.

    Cool, Man. Hip. Raaaadical, Dude! Totally radical!

    That’s what it distills down to: kiddy crap.

    This just occurred to me. My uncle, who during his twenties managed some of my grandfather’s nightclubs, was talking to me once about a teenage dance club that opened in Palm Desert, where he was living with my mom.

    There was a big banner across the building which read, “Teenage Dance Club.”

    My uncle said, “They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re doomed to fail. The last thing a teenager thinks is cool is going to a club that touts itself as a teen club.”

    The place went out of business very soon.

    Maybe that’s what pro-Israel students and professors on university campuses need to do: mock and stigmatize these kids for falling for this kiddy crap. If “being down” and in solidarity with anti-Israel idiots and terrorist is seen as being kiddy crap … they’ll drop it like a searing hot potato.

    Either that or put out the rumor that Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana are anti-Israel. 18-year-olds will run away from that like it’s the plague.

There must be something about being a leftist which involves a brain dysfunction. So gays hate Israel, and yet they would receive horrible treatment were they openly gay in a Muslim country.

In the same way, African-Americans who become Muslim are denying important history. Of the slaves from Sub-Saharan Africa who came to the Western World, 2/3rds were men, for manual labor. Of the same pool who went to the Muslim world, 2/3rds were women for sex work, and many of the rest were young boys for sex work. The attrition rate on slave caravans has been reported around 90%. In the New World, African slaves had babies. Witness the many Blacks in this country, and the rest of the hemisphere. Notice a lot of Blacks in Muslim countries? No. They killed the Black babies. We see in Libya that Sub-Saharan Africans are being brutalized by the North African tribes. But a Black American becoming a Mohammedan is one way for them to stick-it-to-the-White-guys. I hope that isn’t their only motivation, but it sure seems that way.