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I agree, let’s make him ….

I agree, let’s make him ….


From reader Max, who writes, Seen in West Village of NYC:

“All my friends are homeless”.

The “o” in “Prosecute” is the BP logo.

Two Obama stickers.



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DINORightMarie | February 2, 2012 at 10:26 am

Yes – let’s take him at his word: One. Term President.

History or infamy? (Bonus question – can you count how many LIES he stated in his campaign rhetoric? Words, just words.

All that is missing is a ‘Che’ sticker.   Well that and the ‘Green’ preaching, but then again it is a ‘4.0 Litre’ jeep.

‘Japanther’ is all you need to know about this driver.

Since the driver of the car is, seemingly, hostile to big oil – Prosecute (BP) – he must be fueling his Jeep with this product – possibly harvested from his homeless friends:

“In Fresno, California, a system to harvest methane by-product from dairy cattle and convert it to usable bio-gas is being used, in a partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and BioEnergy Solutions, in which BioEnergy Solutions sells the methane harvested from cows to PG&E, who then converts the methane to usable bio-gas, which is very similar to natural gas.[26]”

You failed to point the Islamic crescent and star…

well, they have a natty boh sticker. cant be that bad.

What a bizarre collection of stickers. He doesn’t have friends who are not homeless, but they all somehow have the money to attend the shows. And what’s with the crescent and the star sticker?