From Byron York, Conservatives urge Romney not to attack Santorum:

Mitt Romney met privately with a group of conservative activists and opinion leaders Thursday, on the eve of his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.  In a wide-ranging discussion, a number of participants urged Romney to refrain from attacking rival Rick Santorum with the scorched-earth intensity that he directed at Newt Gingrich.

Awe, isn’t that nice.

Now, with Santorum the man of the moment, Romney joked that it is time to get the oppo research up and running again.  He quickly added: No, no, I’m only kidding.

But Romney’s remarks suggested he wasn’t entirely kidding.  “He said Rick has to be held up to the same scrutiny as everyone else,” says one meeting participant.  (This account is based on conversations with three people who were in the room.)

You’ll get yours, Ricky.

Romney told the group that the attacks on Gingrich were not his doing but rather the work of the super PAC that works on Romney’s behalf but not under his control.

There you go.  Now you’ve done it.


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