By a clear majority, Americans support getting free stuff over not getting free stuff.

And once established, getting free stuff becomes a basic right, and a part of the Democratic Party platform.  We cannot win the free stuff war.

How to pay for the free stuff is someone else’s problem.  Until someone else runs out of money, or the ability to borrow money from China.

So it’s very frustrating to see House Republican’s cave on extending unemployment benefits without paying for the benefits by cuts elsewhere.  I understand why they are doing it from a political perspective, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

With Republicans having caved on the issue, Democrats are going to make sure voters get all the free stuff, not just some of it:

House Democratic leaders are warning Wednesday that a bipartisan deal on the payroll tax package could be “a long ways” off.

The Democrats are praising the Republicans’ decision not to offset President Obama’s extended payroll tax holiday, but cautioned that the GOP’s push to shorten the duration of emergency unemployment benefits — and offset that provision with cuts in federal pensions — could sink the deal.

If the Republicans do not continue to give the voters all the free stuff, the Democrats’ campaign theme will be “you could have had it all,” but the Republicans took it away.