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Been there

Been there

done that, on a smaller scale.  Didn’t work out that well.

Spotted in a car rear window in Ithaca not far from my house:


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A “true democracy” is mob rule. The founders rightly aimed for a healthy republic. I prefer the latter.

DINORightMarie | February 21, 2012 at 8:15 am

“True democracy” = Utopian Anarchy => Tyrannical Dictatorship.

That poor, deluded person needs to have an anonymous gift of Mark Levin’s book given to him/her. Ameritopia systematically exposes the Big Lie: the fallacy that is euphemistically called “true democracy” by the left. Plato, More, Hobbes, Marx – Mark Levin covers them all, simply and plainly for everyone’s comprehension.

If only he/she would read it…..but, reading a book by author not deified by the left?! Nah, that is asking too much of an “enlightened” sycophant.

So it makes a person wonder who was driving the vehicle … Zombie Che?

useful. idiot.

Yesterday I had reason to go into Austin, a very liberal town (the San Francisco of the Southwest, actually) where 2008 saw Obama bumper stickers and yard signs everywhere.

Just as I was remarking to my spouse how we had not seen any Obama bumper stickers this trip, we found ourselves behind a SUV with a very interesting bumper sticker that said:


As we passed the car, we noticed the SUV was being driving by a young (25 something) woman who was Hispanic. Guess Obama can’t count on getting 100% of the Hispanic vote this go-round.

    I’m sorry to say that you’re probably mistaken about this. “Nos” in Spanish is a prefix/suffix that means “we”.

    It seems to be a play on words meaning, roughly, “We are Obama”.

    So if they are abandoning anything, it’s likely “themselves”….into the Obama collective. Resistance is futile!

      retire05 in reply to Will. | February 21, 2012 at 1:15 pm

      While the literal translation of “vamanos” is “let’s go”, in Texas it is also used as slang for “[you] get outta here.”

      And considering the bumper sticker had a big “O” with a backslash drawn thru it, I am sure the driver did not mean “let’s go” but did mean “get outta here.”

      If I see the sticker again, I’ll try to get a photo of it. And if you see any of the polls on Obama support (like Gallup) you will notice that approval among Hispanics is dropping.

        I couldn’t be happier that I was wrong! Here’s hoping more Hispanics leave the democratic fold….

        (I keep hoping that, given the social conservatism of many minorities, that voting bloc might shift a bit one day.)

2012 – Make Obama Jobless Too.

Works as a bumper sticker and a chant:

“Two-O-One-Two, Make Obama Jobless Too.”

Obama 2012 False Hope Chump Change

(from Ace of Spades Obama slogan contest)

Bunch o’ damn racists, all o’ yas.

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