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A Tyrannical Redux?

A Tyrannical Redux?

The Arab Spring has sprung. But for us, it has been mostly doom and gloom, an extended winter.

Throughout the Middle East, we have seen an uprising against the established order. In most cases, these uprisings have been overdue as the tyrants had their collective feet on the necks of the populace. What is disturbing though is what has replaced these regimes.

From Libya to Egypt, it appears that tyranny has replaced tyranny. All that has changed is who is wearing the boot. This is especially true for religious minorities, just ask the Copts in Egypt.

As we know, the Arab Spring has moved on with its focus on Syria. There is a bitter civil war and as Syria has been at the forefront of most of our miseries in the region, we as a nation have generally been supportive of the rebels. This line of reasoning is similar to our approach in Libya, Qaddafi was a thorn in our side and his ouster was a blessing. Now, Libya does not appear to be such a blessing. So who are these rebels in Syria?

Like Libya, there does not appear to be any critical questioning about the rebels, better known as the “Free Syria Army.”  What can we expect if they win? The rebels are mostly compromised of Sunni Muslims, which is the dominant religion in Syria. And within the Sunni faction is the Muslim Brotherhood. Does this group sound familiar?  If this faction prevails, in one sense it would be a triumph for us but in another, not so much. Also, how would life change in Syria for the ordinary citizen? For the Sunnis, life’s prospects would greatly improve; for those of other religious groups, especially the Alawi clan, life itself will be in jeopardy.

As Egypt has shown us, when the hard line Islamists seize control, they are quick to place religious minorities under their thumb. In Syria, the Alawis, Christians and Kurds make up about thirty-five percent of the populace; and they all will suffer persecution under Sunni rule. You can take that to the bank. The Christians and Kurds have long known what it is to live under religious domination, but what about the Alawi?

As some may know the Alawis make up the power base of the Assad regime. In this regard, they are in line for pay back. However, besides their abuse of power, they would be singled out for retribution as their religious practices (which are a form of Islam) are considered heretical. The Alawi are a Muslim faith that also follows many Christian tenets. Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter are celebrated. Like Catholics, they celebrate the Bread and Wine in their services. Many Muslim tenets such as fasting, daily prayer and pilgrimage are not strictly followed (Wiki Facts). In essence, this is a brand of Islam at odds with tradition and it will not be tolerated by the fundamentalist. So even those Alawi that did not enjoy in the fruits of the Assad regime would be subject to revenge.

At first blush, the Arab Spring seemed like an awakening that would lead to freedom for all. What is becoming more apparent as each day passes is that one form of tyranny is being replaced by another. The first to feel the effects are religious minorities.

One of Syria’s current symbols is the eagle. Is it to be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood’s sword? And if so, what are the consequences not only for us but for those that do not subscribe?


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The dream is really a nightmare, not unlike Obama’s ascension to the White House. It does not matter which faction we back, the lesser of two evils is still evil. At least with Mubarak, Quddaffi [sp?], Assad, et al, we knew what to expect. With the “victors”, we know that it will get worse, but not how much worse. And we know that it will not go well for either the United States, Israel or the minorities in these backward countries.

“…..what are the consequences not only for us but for those that do not subscribe?”

Once the Muslim Brotherhood has gathered up these countries and others that have not yet been reported on we can expect to see a war unlike any other seen on this planet.


Saddam Heussin’s baa’th party was born in Syria, and retreated back to Syria-

It’s all so confusing….factions and what not-

I disagree with the professor on this:

At first blush, the Arab Spring seemed like an awakening that would lead to freedom for all.

There is no freedom in islam. Never has been, never will.

Not a coincidence that the first to fall were considered “allies” to the United States.

No, the “Arab Spring” took place in Persia-

And Neda was just having a spirited debate over the election of Dinnerjacket, one that The One sought honor in the fact the U.S. would finally not intercede in Iranian affairs, as if to historically decide not to install a Shah.

At first blush, the Arab Spring seemed like an awakening that would lead to freedom for all.

Really? Maybe it seemed that way to the goo-goo smart-diplomacy crowd (including Jimmy Carter), and to inadequate leaders like George Bush. It never for a moment seemed that way to me. (The French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution.)

To quote one of Obama crony Anita Dunn’s favorite philosophers:

…a revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another…To put it bluntly, it is necessary to create terror for a while in every rural area, or otherwise it would be impossible to suppress the activities of the counter-revolutionaries in the countryside or overthrow the authority of the gentry…

But he’s speaking metaphorically, isn’t he, Anita? Only somebody, for example cough, whose parents are political refugees would take him literally.

Of course I support human rights, liberty, democracy, etc. However, I believe that these are far more difficult to inculcate and sustain than the foregoing dangerous irresponsible nitwits imagine.

Nor do I wish my country to stop being a global force for decency and good and become just another Great Power playing realpolitik. But IMO an American leader who lacks the statecraft to simultaneously pursue human rights and the national interest should recognize his limitations and by heaven focus on the national interest.

Arab Spring like an awakening that would lead to freedom? Eh?! What a fantasy! They didn’t reject Islam and the Koran, so, no freedom.

…a recent article by Reuters….if you really want to get confused.

Meet the new boss………………

This cannot be a surprise. Fifteen years after the Germans tossed away the Kaiser they had Hitler and for seventy five years after the Czar was executed the Russians were under the boot of the most murderous regime in history. But there is one good thing, if that bunch over there is killing each other they will have less time to kill us and maybe the religious fanaticism will be cooled if they suffer through a decade of shia and sunnis massacring each other – sort of like the thirty years war.

    Times are different now and the weaponry that is available to them is much more lethal……consider the fact that there are at least 200,000 missiles already pointing in the direction of Israel and with the destabilisation of Egypt and other countries there will be many more.

If you’re going to advocate overthrowing a government, you’d damned well better have a replacement waiting with your military and financial backing behind them.

Ok, I really don’t mean to come off as a jerk here. But, this blog comment is one more in a long string of naive observations and conclusions made by people who just can’t seem to come to grip with reality. What is going to happen to the Alawi? Really? Well, they’ll have their throats cut and their women raped just like all the Jews, Copts, and other people who are adequately muslim.

The boot was on the neck of these murderous bastards because unless you wipe them out you had better keep your boot on their neck or else the’ll cut yours through. Western civilization is being wiped out. I only hope there is enough left to fight back when it finally decides to do so.

As far as Syria goes, you have one group of anti-US so-and-so’s killing anti US some other so-and-so’s. There’s a problem here? Well, there is when you ask my boys to go over there and get in the middle of it. We’ve spent enough blood helping Muslims in the middle east. No more.

Revolutions almost always result in chaos, then another tyrannical ruler in power, often worse. Americans tend to misunderstand this, perhaps because of the misnomer “American Revolution”, which was not the revolt of an underclass overthrowing the English monarchy, but a war of secession largely choreographed by elite leadership already in place.

Papa Assad surrounded himself with fellow Alawi for security reasons. They had been tolerated, but most muslims believe them apostates. By elevating them to privilege, Assad guaranteed their loyalty because they knew if anything happened to the regime, their lives were forfeit. This is also why the regime cannot surrender – it’s to the death for most of them one way or the other, may as well fight with the money and army while they have it.

Democracy cannot function in a vacuum. For democratic governance to succeed, there must be several things in place. First and foremost is the rule of law, not of men. If the ruler or parliament can issue edicts on a whim, there is no rule of law and democracy cannot work.

Secondly, an independent judiciary must exist to ensure the law applies to all. The right to private property and to private contract must be secured and be subject to judicial enforcement even against the government.

Without these things in place, democracy isn’t the fire in a furnace supplying controlled heat, but a wildfire destroying everything in its path.