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Wrapping Mitt up

Wrapping Mitt up

John Podhoretz in The NY Post, It’s a ‘Mitt’ wrap, early this morning:

That’s a wrap. I’m calling this thing. Unless something terrible comes out  about him in the next few weeks, Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee.

If you were to analogize last night’s nationally televised GOP presidential  debate on ABC to a classic sporting contest, Romney was Secretariat at the  Belmont Stakes in 1973. By the end, Romney was 31 lengths ahead, and the other  thoroughbreds were battling for place and show.


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Snorkdoodle Whizbang | January 8, 2012 at 6:34 pm

Uhmmmm… no.

Anyone of them can come back. Still early days yet. Lets see what happens in the South.

Do these clowns mind if a few of us vote first! SERIOUSLY!

I will be voting for Paul in the VA primary because of such blatant attempts to manipulate the primaries this year. Not that I have a real choice…

The political punditry is starting to mirror the “analysts” and hacks on ESPN – trying to call games before they’re played with arrogant bombast.

If that was a wrap, it was the sort of thing you wrap fish in….

The reason everyone wants to wrap it up is because the longer the primary season extends, the more scrutiny Mitt will get. His questionable business background has not been vetted, but it will be by Obama and the media once he is the Republican nominee.

Mitt Romney, the Excuse Candidacy vs. Barack Obama, the Excuse Presidency

RomneyCare? The Democrats made me do it!
Liberal Judges? The Democrats made me do it!
State-Paid Abortions? The Democrats made me do it!
Quit the Party when Reagan ran? The Extremist Republicans (Reagan) made me do it!

Struggling Economy? Bush did it!
High Unemployment? Bush did it!
Foreign AFFAIRS in Disarray? Bush did it! And Ron Paul knows it!
Bank Bailouts? Romney was for them!
Medicare Fraud Helping Bankrupt Medicare? Romney did it! (Damon Corp.)
The Hollowing out of American Industry? Romney DID IT! (Romney/Bain Deals)
Wall Street Bank Using Fake Analyst Reports to Boost Company’s Financials? Romney Company was Beneficiary and Romney benefited from it!
Bankrupting Companies & Sticking Taxpayers with the Pension Obligations? Romney DID it!
Bankrupting Companies and Leaving Stockholders and Debt Holders with nothing? Romney did IT!
Government Subsidies for Business? Romney got them!



Romney may very well be unelectable … especially to white working class voters.

    Darkstar58 in reply to JonB. | January 8, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    dont forget…

    Gay-Marriage? The completely unconstitutional court ruling Democrats told me to ignore made me do it!
    Pass Cap&Tax? Uhh, the Democrat administration I appointed made me do it!
    Appoint extremist Liberal activists to my Administration in the first place? Uhh…
    Raise taxes from 9.3% to 9.9%, including doubling Corporate taxes? Uhh…
    Raise Gas taxes? Uhh…
    Raise Gun Permit fees? Uhh…
    Force Catholic Hospitals to give out contraceptive? Uhh…
    Give Planned Parenthood 5 billion to build abortion clinics? Uhh…
    Appoint Planed Parenthood to the Oversight Committee? Uhh…
    Ensuring Sanctuary Cities get state aid? Uhh…

    Romney will be a joke in the General Election. Democrats can pick him apart, pointing to his claiming he is proud of a record which goes completely against everything he claims he stands for.

    Which is it Mitt; are you glad you passed one of the single most Liberal agendas ever seen from a Governor, or were you a just complete failure when put in a position to stand up to your alleged Conservative principles?

    Which is it Mitt; were you enthusiastically passing all these things because you believed in the Liberal Agenda, or because you are unable to lead and instead were lead around by the Democrats as if you were merely an empty suit in office?

    Which is it Mitt; are you the extreme Liberal your record from just 6 years ago indicates, or are you the Conservative you so desperately want us to believe you are?

    Which is it Mitt; are you the Reagan Republican you denounced in
    94, or the Obama Liberal your record indicates – or are you merely whatever you think you should call yourself based off how the political winds are blowing at the moment?

    No matter your answers though, Mitt, you will not have my vote as I recognize you as a “say anything”, used car-salesman at best and an extreme Liberal-agenda pushing RINO at worst

    punfundit in reply to JonB. | January 8, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    “…especially to white working class voters.”

    Whom Obama just abandoned in 2012… I wonder what they’ll do in November if His Inevitableness becomes the nominee.

Both of our political parties at the national level now seem to think that voters interfere with the democratic process.

Uh oh, someone’s getting nervous. The “Inevitable One” narrative isn’t holding up. Gotta get back out there and tell everyone how inevitable he is.

Please, for goodness sake, yes, allow us to at least vote for our presumed new lord and master of us all. Minnesota has its caucuses early February and hopefully, we won’t go along with our ever so kind masters and accept Lord Mitt. I’ll be pushing for a revolt amongst us underlings.

Even we, the so-called Hoi Polloi, have feelings. Trite but true.

Only one caucus in a small state, and not yet a single actual vote cast anywhere, and it’s a wrap? I’m starting to detest the GOP establishment as much as I do the Dems.

No. I’m not buying it. The times are too volatile to be so certain of something this counter-intuitive. A “Mitt Romney” in this era and after the past few years is just too out of whack. There are energies and forces out there which have yet to be reckoned with, and which won’t be denied their moment.

BannedbytheGuardian | January 8, 2012 at 7:38 pm

I went to an area in Mass for a visit. The Berksomethings .

I got charged a ‘Vistation Tax” of 7.5 % on my motel bill on top of the normal tax.

Then I got on a bus & got over 60 miles for $5. The driver even called to pick me up from the Rockwell museum. A massive bargain.

Nice people up there but whoah -where is the financial logic.?

For this reason no Mass person EVER to manage the nation’s dollars.

Maybe Arts minister .

If the GOP gives a damn about conservatives, someone like Jindal will be on the ticket.

As long as we keep buying the product, the Republicans will keep selling it. We must look to ourselves if we are to succeed.

Ron Paul has been in congress for 20 years and has yet to shepherd a single piece of legislation into law. This guy is a candidate?

Huntsman has a beautiful wife and can speak Mandarin. This guy is a candidate?

Romney passes government healthcare with an individual mandate, claims it was legal, claims people like it, and destroys the individual’s freedom of choice. This guy is a candidate?

Perry has successfully governed one of our most successful states. This guy is a candidate.

Gingrich is the last man in US history to have balanced the budget. This man is a candidate.

Can we bring ourselves to vote for a divorcee?

    punfundit in reply to MSO. | January 8, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Allow me to play devil’s advocate:

    – If we end up with a Perry-Gingrich 2012 ticket, you would vote for it.
    – If we end up with a Gingrich-Perry 2012 ticket, you wouldn’t vote for it?

“Let’s face it,” this is odd coming from a pro-Newt site. I didn’t remember all this outrage back then, except from me, but there ya go. =)

Didn’t Newt say that he was presumptively going to be the nominee?
There is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.
I don’t see any fat ladies on the horizon.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | January 8, 2012 at 11:27 pm

I’m sorry, but when did someone die, and make this putz, the US Republican Party Election Board God, bypassing the conservative voters..

Amazing.. what an idiot.. I remember when the same Pundit Putzes, said the same about Ronald Reagan.. Take a hike Mr John Podhoretz, aka, Mr. Putz, aka, Mr crony hack jour-no-list..

StephenMonteith | January 9, 2012 at 7:30 am

No one appreciates the need to hold votes like I do. I didn’t even get a real chance to vote for Mitt in 2008 because he dropped out to keep the party intact before my state voted. On the other hand, now he has a chance to unite the party again, only with himself as the candidate:

The Republican establishment makes me nauseous.

Oh man, am I gonna get shouted out of here with “Birther!” (Although with it being about Mitt I suppose anyone considering reading the article could be called a “Mirther”?