Sore Loosiers

Wisconsin had its Fleebaggers, the 14 state Senators who fled to Illinois to prevent a quorum on Wisconsin’s collective bargaining law.

Indiana Democratic House members have been boycotting the legislative session over Indiana’s proposed right to work law unless they also get an unconstitutional referendum on the law:

House Democrats who have been boycotting the session to block a contentious right-to-work bill could return Monday to begin debating the measure, although disagreement over whether a statewide referendum on the issue would be constitutional might delay a vote.

The bill would ban contracts between companies and labor unions that force nonmembers to pay dues. Democrats want to put the issue to a statewide vote, while Republicans say the matter should be decided by the Legislature.

The state constitution requires all laws to be enacted by the Legislature. To get around this, Democrats have proposed an amendment to the bill that would have the law take effect the day before the Nov. 6 election and then allowing it to expire Nov. 7 if voters didn’t endorse it.

Indiana’s Senate Republicans have rejected the idea and refused to change the legislation.

Will they now run?

Update:  Speaking of Fleebaggers, check out Stand With Scott, a website devoted to supporting Gov. Walker against the recall effort.