I keep thinking, when, not if. And what will happen to the heavy missiles and chemical weapons. I presume the Israelis have a plan.

Some of the latest headlines:

  • Now we’re getting tough – Obama Administration Seeks to Remove Syria From Human Rights Committee.
  • ‘Syrian military official defects with soldiers’: “A Syrian military official has defected in protest at a government crackdown on months of demonstrations against President Bashar Assad’s rule, footage on Al Jazeera English’s website showed on Saturday. Flanked by soldiers brandishing rifles, a man named by Al Jazeera as Colonel Afeef Mahmoud Suleiman read out a statement saying they were defecting after witnessing acts of violence by the army on protesters.”
  • Syrian defectors call for international help: “Unlike in an uprising in Libya that eventually swept Moammar Gaddafi from power, she added, where large parts of the armed forces defected en masse and fled to the opposition stronghold of Benghazi, there is no safe area for Syrian soldiers easily to escape to.”
  • Syria holds funeral service for victims of Damascus bombing: “Thousands of government supporters turned out Saturday for the funeral service for victims of a bombing in the Syrian capital, waving flags and holding up pictures of President Bashar Assad, state media reported…. Authorities said 26 people were killed, including 15 who have not been identified, and 63 were injured in Friday’s attack.”