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The battle lines for 2012 are drawn

The battle lines for 2012 are drawn

Those who seek to spread the wealth versus those who seek to spread a work ethic.

Thanks to Linda who spotted this vehicle in, you guessed it, the Lowe’s parking lot in Nashville, TN:


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Yet another reminder why I decided to remain here on retirement, instead of the move I had always planned. Tennessee is an island of rationality.

Happy New Year professor! Shouldn’t the year on this post be 2012? Or do we have to relive 2011?

Thanks and love your site.

workingclass artist | January 1, 2012 at 8:21 am

Happy New Year from Texas!

If I hear “I’ve got you babe” on the radio, I’m gonna freak!

As to the bumper sticker:

I see a lot of commenters all over the blogosphere voicing similar sentiments and I agree in therory. There is a caveat though; there aren’t enough jobs!

Let me say that again for all you who think that the answer to all our problems would be to rescind UI benefits, Welfare, Medicare and Social Security.


Where are the jobs for those people to even apply to for work to cover their living expenses?

It’s very easy to say to someone “get off your butt and get a job” trouble is, their aren’t enough jobs.

Don’t go throwing anecdotal evidence at me that some sand casting outfit is looking for flask preparers and can’t find any takers.

I’ve seen these stories a lot lately and they’re meaningless because only a limited number of applicants would even fit the qualifications or are in the area.

An IMPROVEMENT in the economy is necessary. That will take an improvement in confidence AND activity in the overall economy. It will require a confidence that government isn’t going to create more obstacles and taxes on expanding a business (== hiring and spending ==).

With the current attitude in Congress and a Marxist in the Oval office, that’s not going to happen soon.

Want to help get folks off unemployment and welfare?

Go buy something. Something big/expensive.

If enough who have it spend it, we’ll recover.

Until then we’re just looking for scapegoats.

Happy New Year from Canada!

Happy New Year from Shamokin, Pa!

Happy New Year from the front lines of the battlefield….Wisconsin.

Happy New Year from the (mostly empty) quagmire of Washington, DC, where we’ve also seen a few clever bumper stickers …

Those who have written above about the fact that there are not enough jobs available are right on the money, or lack of money.

Obama is not only spending money we do not have, he is spending the lives of productive American citizens in order to accomplish his goals of bringing about socialism in America. His insidious deception is to talk about “Hope” yet his plan is to deny it to people of accomplishment. He can’t get elected by the regular working people of America who have jobs in the private sector. He needs the welfare class and those dependent upon the government in one way or another to get elected. For this reason he is spending borrowed money and this is why he wants to increases taxes.

He won’t call it socialism, but he’ll gladly bring it about by some other name. Look at the cunning deceitfulness he employs – they aren’t going to come right out and take away our freedoms, that would bring about steadfast opposition of great magnitude. Instead, they are going behind our backs and simply working to systematically reduce the choices available to us for everything. Reducing our choices = obliteration of our freedom.

A smart opponent will call attention to the fact that Obama reducing our choices is equal to the obliteration of our freedom – it’s just a back door way of doing the same thing. What freedom do people have if their are no choices available to them about where to work? What freedom do people have if the government is taking away their choices about where to open a business or which light bulb they can buy, or how their healthcare will be administered?

It is the systematic elimination of our choices in everything that is the vehicle through which our freedom is being eliminated by Obama and the Democrats. By systematically reducing our ability to choose where and how we get healthcare, how we run our businesses, which business we can enter or even if we can get a job at all – they will be able to obtain the control they seek – and this will all be accomplished without ostensibly (or in the view of the MSM) taking away anyone’s “freedom” per se.

People need to wake up and also realize that the “Fairness” Obama seeks is simply more deception. Who is he to decide what will be fair? This talk of “Fairness” is nothing but another cunning deception to take from those who had the most effective work ethic (as the bumper sticker says) and redistribute it to those who never embraced education or postponed gratification or applied themselves to disciplines for which the market offered opportunities.

Again, Obama will not come out and say he wants to obliterate the free market system, he’ll simply go around the back door once again and present that he wants to be “Fair”. Obama’s “Fairness” means that no longer will a person’s ability to obtain success be attributable to them or a free market, instead, he will decide not only who will be successful, but in addition, he will decide the extent to which successful people are able to retain their earnings. And yet, who could argue with someone that only wants to be “Fair”.

Obama needs to be exposed as the charlatan he truly is. Through soaring rhetoric he is putting forth ideas which on their face value seem to have merit, however, the truth is that he wants to obliterate our freedom by systematically reducing the choices we all have and he wants to redistribute the wealth of people who had a work ethic and give that money to those who did not.

Obama veils his insidious practices in terms that appeal to those shallow people who cannot think through the deception or see beyond the surface. Since our educational system has been diligently working for decades to produce shallow thinkers – we are indeed on the brink of losing this nation.

Obama must go if America is to succeed.

Love that bumper sticker! Happy New Year to all at Legal Insurrection. Here’s hoping 2012 will be the year we get rid of Obama. God Bless Y’all.

I appreciate the sentiment, but it looks photo-shopped to me.

Flash-robbing youth seem to be working awfully hard these days. In today’s Orwellian world, surely that can be deemed a kind of “work ethic.”

Actually, I have seen this identical bumper sticker on a car, too, but I didn’t have a camera with me.

    logos in reply to logos. | January 1, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Oh, and by the way, I, authentically, appreciate the sentiment!

    The Professor nailed it: the message of this bumper sticker reduces the entire political struggle to its simplest terms.