I saw this coming from a mile away.

Mitt Romney’s original position that he would not release his income tax returns, a position he held to for several weeks, now is slipping.

At the debate last night Romney gave a convoluted answer that he “probably” would release the tax returns in April — after he likely will have wrapped up the nomination if he stays on the current trajectory.  The answer was cringe-worthy:

Newt is not letting it go:

Newt Gingrich says Mitt Romney should release his tax returns before primary voters head to the polls in South Carolina on Saturday.

“It’s interesting that Romney agreed that he ought to release his income taxes but he doesn’t want to do it until April,” Gingrich said Tuesday on CBS. “I think the people of South Carolina ought to know now – if there’s nothing there, why hide it until April, and if there’s something there, don’t the people of South Carolina deserve to know before Saturday?”

At this point Newt and the others don’t need to convince people there is a problem in the tax returns — they just need to plant seeds of doubt as to Romney’s general election electability which influence voters on Saturday.