My predictions:

Rick Santorum is angry, and as I have said before, Rick Santorum does angry much better than even Newt does angry. He’s in a no win situation — if he scores enough points to damage Newt, he hands the SC election to Romney and the race could be over; if he doesn’t score points, he hands Newt the title of not-Romney. I expect him to go after Newt.

Ron Paul will go after Newt. He wants to damage anyone and everyone who is not Romney to leave himself the last challenger.

Romney will go after Newt. He has to. Newt is surging. After losing Iowa, he can’t afford to lose SC as well. Romney still has the money and campaign infrastructure, but he needs the narrative of inevitability.

See a theme here?

Newt got a chance to warm up for what he is likely to face tonight (h/t Weasel Zippers):