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Debate starts at 9 p.m. Eastern.  Some things possibly relevant:

  • There is another debate Sunday morning on Meet the Press.  Are they kidding?
  • Via Instapundit, Byron York says that it was Newt’s reaction to the negative ads rather than the ads themselves which did the most damage.  I think there is some truth to that, but it’s overstated.  Krauthammer, Will, etc. were loaded for bear and the would have found something else about which to declare the old Newt back, and the punditry reaction surely influenced voters.
  • The story line on tonight’s debate already is written.
  • Santorum line of attack, “We don’t need a manager.” That sounds vaguely familiar.
  • Santorum had great line (can’t find link), voters don’t need to agree with me on everything, but need to know that at least I agree with myself.
  • Newt line of attack, “[Romney win] would certainly lead to deep questions about what we  stand for and who we are.”
  • Romney says “I’m independent of Wall Street.”
  • More to follow.
  • Romney spokesman pushing electability over principles: ““It’s not even about picking someone with your own beliefs and principles. This is about picking a person that can beat Barack Obama, period.”  It’s his strongest card, if you believe it.
  • George Will called Romney a Dukais candidacy, so expect others to pick up on that line.  Oh, wait.
  • “The Super PAC backing Mitt Romney says it’s keeping its New Hampshire radar on Newt Gingrich — revving up to unleash its newest attack ad on Monday — a move experts say suggests that, for the Romney camp, Rick Santorum’s recent surge poses no political threat.”  Remember, experts said it, so don’t doubt it.
  • I always appreciate press mention, but I am not a “Republican strategist.”  Am I?


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I see NRO warmed up for the debate with their anti-Newt invective of the …. well, I can’t say day, of the hour? I entered a comment but oddly enough they’ve censored out 75% of my comments about their constant Newt Tirade although I’m always respectful. What a sad, sad fate for that publication. I think they published my comments from yesterday – but I think it was only because there was only one other commenter. They have to act like they haven’t turned anyone off, I guess.

I also note that PJM seems to be heading down the “Quiet Down & Swallow Your Medicine” path. We’re just all so icky, aren’t we?

I’d drink to excess but I’d probably just fall asleep 😛

    An interesting co-indicator of Gingrich’s decline and Santorum’s rise: challenging the media. Gingrich suddenly stopped and Santorum started.

    This was part and parcel of Gingrich’s makeover into above-it-all leader, which was premature as a political strategy. (Obviously not as significant as the negative ad blitz on him.) Gingrich needed to have a unified anti-Romney attack strategy. Instead, he responded without his characteristic coherence and sting.

    McCain on the other hand hit Romney like a ton of bricks. He was merciless. Romney couldn’t take it. He can’t now. Amazing to me these guys can’t figure this out. Obama will lay waste to Romney and his team of preppy overachievers.

This is not about picking your favorite, it’s not about picking someone you like. It’s not even about picking someone with your own beliefs and principles. This is about picking a person that can beat Barack Obama, period.”

In other words, it’s about beating Obama, beliefs, principles, and even likeability be damned… sounds like the perfect rationalization for recommending the nomination of Hillary!

Sorry, but count me out on that one.

The press would crucify Newt no matter HOW he reacted.

Every time I hear Gingrich, he is so smart. It’s difficult to believe
any of the other candidates can beat his reasoning and experience. Romney isn’t my choice, I don’t believe Santorum would be able to survive and Ron Paul is scary. I’m bumfuzzled!

” … I am not a ‘Republican strategist.’ Am I?”

Google search result:

William Jacobson Republican strategist = 1,700,000 hits.

Looks like you are. Oh, and by the way:

William Jacobson evil Republican strategist = 38,100 hits.

Looks like you might be.

I suppose in some ways you’re a Republican Strategist. You support Republicans and you often comment on political strategies on your blog. But, yeah, I would think the paper would reserve that term for people who are actually employed by The Party or a candidate as a strategist.

But hey, it’s in “print” so you can add it to your resume now!

I am getting ready for the debate by opening a bottle of wine and trying to get as buzzed as Diane Sawyer before it begins.

I hope I don’t miss anything important when I flip back to the CBC for the last period of the Red Wings/Canucks game on Hockey Night in Canada.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | January 7, 2012 at 8:53 pm

You know, as I read the Boston Herald column that quotes you, it occurred to me that the Republicans are doing exactly what the Democrats did in 2004.

Back then, Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt tore each other apart with attack ads. That enabled John Kerry to quietly move ahead and ultimately win the nomination.

This time, it looks like Willard and Newt plan to tear each other apart (well, so far Willard has gone after Newt, but I have a feeling Newt is going to start to unload tonight and really crank it up with negative ads in S. Carolina and Florida). So while Willard and Newt are busy beating each other up, Santorum may quietly come up the middle relatively unscathed as our John Kerry. Maybe that’s what Newt meant when he said he and Santorum could work together to defeat Willard. Newt will be the sacrifical lamb and take the heat off Santorum.

Republican Strategerist