What goes around comes around.  Michele Bachmann hired Ed Rollins as campaign manager last spring and the first thing he did was trash Sarah Palin.

Bachmann let the Rollins’ comments hang out there for a while and then went on TV to say what good friends she was with Palin.  Bachmann supporters also spread false rumors over the summer that Palin would endorse her.  Bachmann’s entire summer strategy was to get in Palin’s political face to keep Palin out of the race while claiming to be the heiress to the Palin base.

So now that Bachmann is on her political deathbed, Palin delivered a political coup de grâce yesterday, announcing that it was not Bachmann’s time and that Bachmann should not waste more money on further campaigning:

“As for Michelle Bachmann. She has a lot to offer, also, but I don’t think it is her time this go around. And I believe that unless she, too, wants to spend her own money or borrowing money and perhaps go into debt. Which heaven forbid, you do that to your family? Perhaps she is one, too, who would start saying ‘supporters of mine, why don’t we coalesce around one of the other candidates and let’s move together as a team to get that right primary candidate chosen?’


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