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On the road for a while more, so tell us what’s going on.


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A hard focus on economic growth and opportunity by minorities might not win accolades from the mainstream press, academia or top party cadres. Yet if we wish to see Dr. King’s real dream extended beyond a relatively small number of the gifted few, minority voters should start challenging Obama’s and the other candidates’ economic agenda — or they can expect their support and their futures to again be taken for granted.

    retire05 in reply to Neo. | January 16, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    I have to say that as someone who believed in Dr. King’s message of equal opportunity (not equal outcome), I am disappointed how those who claim to continue promoting his dream has turned equal opportunity into opportunistic equality.

    Dr. King said that every man should have the right to pull himself up by his own bootstraps. Now we see those who have traded on his memory for their own enrichment and grandiosity. I need not mention them; you know who they are.

    Dr. King would be appalled at the number of poor blacks who have traded their dignity for the security of a government check, and who are aborting their children in massive numbers. The percentage of black Americans now in our population is smaller than it was in 1860. His dream has been soiled by those who dishonor his memory.

    It saddens me greatly.

    “I have a dream that one day my four little children will be judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.”

Donald Douglas | January 16, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Dude, Miss America is happening! ‘Laura Kaeppeler Hot White Bikini Shots’.

Plus, I’ve got some MLK blogging going on and I’ll forward the links…

A question. Assuming Romney is electable and is, in fact, elected, how do we KNOW that he would nominate conservative justices to the Supreme Court?

That is one of the principal reasons we want a Republican as president, right?

We know he has John Sunnunu as a big backer. We know that Sunnunu recommended David Souter to Bush I. Is there anything, anything at all, in Romney’s record that would suggest he would appoint justices that would be more conservative than Souter?

    Milwaukee in reply to OCBill. | January 16, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Wouldn’t it be easier to block a bad choice from 0bama than from Romney? The advice I’ve heard is that if the choice is between voting for a Democrat or a Democrat, it is better to vote for the one who belongs to the party. Clearly, McCain didn’t belong to the party, so people voted for the real Democrat, 0bama. I would hate to have a similar choice.

    Why doesn’t Romney own his past? As a venture capitalist they bought struggling businesses. Some they revived, some they put out of their misery. How many of you out there have worked along side a co-worker who wasn’t pulling their weight? They needed to be fired.

      Wouldn’t it be easier to block a bad choice from 0bama than from Romney?

      I think that’s an excellent point. A lot of Republicans would go along with ANY Romney nominee on principal of deference to Presidential prerogative. We could easily wind up with another Souter, Stevens, Blackmun, or Brennan (all nominated by Republican presidents).

      With Romney’s dubious background on gun rights, and with the indivdual right to own firearms hanging by a single vote on the Supreme Court, is Romney the guy we want picking the next Supreme Court justice?

    tiger66 in reply to OCBill. | January 16, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    According to, “Of the 36 people Romney named to be judges or clerk magistrates [while he was Governor of MA], 23 are either registered Democrats or unenrolled voters who have made multiple contributions to Democratic politicians or who voted in Democratic primaries, state and local records show. In all, he has nominated nine registered Republicans, 13 unenrolled voters, and 14 registered Democrats.”

    His record definitely demonstrates a left-of-center propensity with respect to the judiciary. And with whackjob Sununu in the mix, we should be worried as h*ll that Romney would appoint activist, liberal judges.

    Just one opinion …

This guy says if we are going to have a Souter, let Obama nominate him and not a supposed conservative.

“…so tell us what’s going on…”

Doug Saul’s BBQ in Nashville Nc has a special on lake trout this week.

Jen Rubin has an article today supporting Mitt Romney.

Jon Huntsman drops out then whines that the campaign degenerated into a negative brawl. He then throws his support to his fellow Mormon, Mitt Romney, the guy who started all the negativity in the first place. Go figure.

So about that big endorsement for Santorum… Apparently there’s been some shenanigans.

People from the evangelical leaders meeting this weekend are saying the results were rigged…that they were tricked into leaving before the third ballot gave it to Santorum and that there was evidence of ballot stuffing.

A civil war is breaking out among evangelical leaders over allegations of a rigged election and ballot stuffing at a Saturday gathering of religious and social conservatives.

At the meeting about 150 religious conservative activists at the Benham, Texas, ranch of Nancy and Paul Pressler, Rick Santorum supporters claimed the former Pennsylvania senator was chosen on the third ballot as the consensus candidate to try to stop Mitt Romney’s march to the Republican presidential nomination.

The meeting was called to avoid a continued division within social conservatives’ ranks.

But in back-and-forth emails, Protestant fundamentalist leaders who attended – most of them backing former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to be the anti-Romney candidate — are accusing Catholic participants of conniving to rig the vote.

They said they were conned into leaving after the second ballot on Saturday. They said pro-Santorum participants held a third ballot which Mr. Santorum won with more than 70 percent of the vote — far higher than the nine-vote margin he won on the first ballot.

“My view is that the vote was manipulated,” said a prominent social conservative who asked not to be named.

Now, a prominent evangelical political organizer is saying to others confidentially he has evidence that in a least one instance a participant was seen writing Mr. Santorum’s name on four separate ballots and putting them in the ballot box.

Evangelicals who left after the second ballot are now calling on Bob Fisher, a leader of the proceedings, to hold a recount.

Mr. Fisher has asked for a conference call Monday morning with Mr. Santorum and those who attended the Saturday meeting.

You know what, both Newt and Santorum are Catholic so one believes the same as the other when it comes to religious practice. I am for life, family and traditional marriage the same as all the candidates. Generally speaking they all pretty much share the historical orthodox beliefs that Christians have followed for nearly 2000 years. The exception being the Mormons who have crazy ideas when it comes to god, the creation of the universe, the pre-existence of souls, the ability to become a god yourself and the brotherhood of satan and Jesus. Oh and their belief that all Christian churches are apostate and they are the only ones with the truth as revealed to Joseph Smith by the angel Moroni on golden tablets that were buried under a tree in New York state, by the lost tribes of Israel.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to ldwaddell. | January 16, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    There is a not very clear line when one crosses over from criticism of a candidate to criticism of a religion. I have no interest in this blog turning into the latter.

      Unfortunately Professor, it did just that in The Saturday Night Card Game while you were watching football…to say the least, it was quite ugly.

      (Note to everyone who clicked Dislike on my comments…feel free to do so again.)

BurkeanBadger | January 16, 2012 at 2:32 pm

Really leaves me speechless (almost)…

This is just comical and it underscores what I’ve said about the anti-Romney contingent: Keystone Kops type efforts won’t stop him. Romney is on the precipice of the nomination less because of his huge financial and organizational advantage and less because the big bad “Establishment” is behind him, but rather in a large part due to the fact that his opposition is factionalized and inept.

    retire05 in reply to BurkeanBadger. | January 16, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    And for those who actually care to look, Romney’s record as governor is, from a conservative point of view, more inept than the records of any of the others that stand on the debate stage with him.

In Pennsylvania, [VP Joe] Biden responded to a question about why college costs keep going up by noting that it was a “puzzle” and that there was “no one thing” responsible. But among the factors he identified were increases in faculty salaries. “Salaries for college professors have escalated significantly,” he said. “They should be good, but they have escalated significantly.”

starts at 47:29