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Obama at Disney

Obama at Disney

My crop from one of the photos at 13 Photos Of Barack Obama At Disney That Will Probably Turn Up In Attack Ads:


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Christians have their cross, Jews the Star of David, and…

huskers-for-palin | January 21, 2012 at 10:48 am

Put two teleprompters together and you get Micky Mouse with droopy ears.

My favorite comments I’ve seen so far…
…when you wish upon a czar. And
….the lyin’ king.

It is just toooo easy, these pictures, to make a parody of this caricature of a president.

Someone needs to switch out the Presedential Seal with this


Good one, Professor. ;-p

boy main street sure seems empty now.
guess they wanted to match real life in the pictures…..

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I think the picture at the bottom of this post is priceless:
Gawrsh! Creatin’ jobs is EASY! Hyuk-yuk-yuk-yuk!

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Is he making really big pancakes?

His economic policies were clearly born in Fantasyland.

Ha-ha! Whoever gave BO the idea of going to the Magic Kingdom must had been a Repub plant.

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IF I weren’t crying so hard, I would send this picture to all my email soldier buddies. When General Casey and company cut the military budget and got rid of MWR (military acronym for morale,welfare, recreation; mostly physical fitness,gym stuff), they also cut out the budget for GI blankets and pillows. So, fellow Americans, there are 100,000 freezing American soldiers in Afghanistan without blankets and pillows.
The Obumler’s $4 million dollars Hawaii vacation would have bought a blanket for every serviceperson in every post in the world!

Once upon a time … in a disenchanted kingdom of no hope and crony change … there lived a naked emperor. Every morning he would ask, “Prompter, prompter, on Main Street … who will the media choose to beat?”

And the prompter would respond, ” …

LukeHandCool (whose brain is broken from sleep deprevation and requests that LI commenters, who seem to be on fire this morning, take it away and finish it off ….)

It wasn’t the real Obama there. It was Disney actually testing out the new animatronics Obama complete with the more famous TOTUS 🙂

The test failed though as the sound track of Obama kept getting stuck on “ahhhh” and “um” 😀

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…damn, how many burgers does Michael Moore eat in one serving…. like 800?

another thing… why does he come to America to make all his money: if he hates it so much here? *l*