Andrew Kaczynski of BuzzFeed has located John McCain’s 200-page opposition reasearch book on Mitt Romney.  It’s embedded below.

I turned to the section on Bain, and at page 136 found this sentence:

Romney Served As CEO Of Bain Capital Through August 2001, Even Though He No Longer Ran Daily Operations. “Although he gave up running day-to-day operations at the venture capital firm in order to head the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, he remained CEO and held his financial interest in the company through August 2001.” (Stephanie Ebbert and Yvonne Abraham, “Camps Spar Over Romney Word Choice,” The Boston Globe, 10/31/02)

If accurate, that contradicts one of the key components in the WaPo Fact Check of King of Bain, in which WaPo exonerated Romney from any responsibility for the KB Toys deal because it closed in December 2000 “more than a year after Romney left for the Olympics.”

Let me know what you find of interest.

McCain 2008 Oppo File


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