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If only he had done this at the debates

If only he had done this at the debates

Who knows what might have been.  I’m not writing him off, but who knows. (via ElectAds)


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I read that he had back surgery right around the time of the debates. I had my eye on Perry a while back, and thought he would be a good candidate. Judging from his performance in the debates, I thought he came off as just another stage managed candidate. This interview shows he can be quick on his feet, with a lil’ “West Texas gib” thrown in to boot.

Mike Allen is a notorious Obama brown-noser. You can tell he was not used to people shutting down the instigation slight of hand trick. What might have been indeed….

Perry got the record to boast economic growth, and experience to his benefit. Forget the BS about “all those Texas jobs are low wage” or “those Texas jobs come from federal government contracts/money”. Plenty of states are getting money from the federal government, and are still bleeding jobs as we speak.

Granted his biggest flaw was his understandably nuanced, but butchered take on immigration.

Good stuff, no matter what. The more Repubs that push back on the media, especially liberal-biased media, and their attempts to create memes etc, the better.

Santorum took down David Gregory on Obama’s foreign policy in a way that even others noticed, Perry pushes back, etc.

I want a party of fighters, and if nothing else, belatedly in some cases, we are seeing some.

Because its going to be a heck of a fight this year, and every year, for a long time to come.

Now, if that journalist were fast on his feet, he’d have said something like:

“Most experts” say it’s wrong for a subject being questioned to demand the journalist reveal his anonymous, fantasy source.

2nd Ammendment Mother | January 2, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Now, that’s how you handle a reporter. He wasn’t combative or hostile, but he shut down the false assertions. The bias of reporters/interviewers has been a problem for quite sometime, along with their deliberate pursuit of unimportant sidebars to generate gotcha’s and controversy. This is the type of assertive shutdown that we need in candidates. Newt had already been doing it, but if we can get the entire primary slate on board with delivering these set downs, we might can get back to the topic of running a national election and talking about important issues to voters:

Issues like JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Perry’s next question to Politico should have been to ask how “speculation about finger pointing among his staffers” relates to the issue of creating a political environment that allows Americans to have JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

Under the guise of protecting confidential sources, agenda-biased media is too often allowed to get away with using unsubstantiated rumor as fact. Good push back on the Governor’s part.

    Milhouse in reply to JgT of FL. | January 3, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Or simply making stuff up. There used to be a rag called Capitol Hill Blue that was considered very respectable and reliable, until they got caught making stuff up, and it turned out that many of their “anonymous sources” didn’t exist.

Too bad they all don’t do that. Trying to counteract “Have you stopped beating your wife?” type of accusations never end well.

My favorite….. when our classically trained professional journalists with the highest ethical standards (as opposed to silly pajama clad bloggers) begin a story with “Some say….”. Then the truth value of the statement is only dependent on whether or not someone actually said whatever followed.

So, if I turn to my wife and say, “President Obama likes to torture little kittens”, then write “Some say President Obama likes to torture kittens”, it is a true statement no matter how Obama treats kittens.

Exit quote was the best: “You’re not willing–or don’t have–a name.”

Love this Perry. Where was he? The establishment media of course aligns itself with the dems, bigger the state, bigger their industry, or else the local media will be bigger and more relevant to people’s lives.

Too Bad they haven’t realise even recovering liberals like me don’t believe them to be impartial, they can’t even hide their lefty bias, its now propoganda. I remember what they did to Hillary and then Mccain/Palin in ’08

If all the candidates started doing this the MSM would wet their pants and start calling them racists or something. Oh, wait, they already do that…

We’d learn a lot more from the candidates if their personalities weren’t managed to death.

BurkeanBadger | January 2, 2012 at 2:57 pm

This was great, no matter what one thinks of Perry. He wasn’t combative or hostile or defensive, just firm and unrelenting: Message: “Nope, I’m not walking into your gotcha question trap”, period. And yes, I enjoyed how it caught Allen completely off guard.

Don’t write Perry off yet. As I said this morning, there *may* be an 11th hour and 55 minute surge for him coming in Iowa. Not enough to come in first or second, of course. But I do think he stands a good chance if beating Paul and Gingrich for third.

We’ll know soon enough

Good for Perry! Bravissimo. (Keep it up.)

I think it’s been television camera fright (ohmygod there’s 15 million people watching me!!!!!)

Not stage fright as he’s good there. Get him before a tv camera, on stage, audience and hot lights and he’s all hammana, hammana, hammana.

Too bad as he’s got so much else going for him. That’s the way your DNA gets ya. (like someone with a million dollar smile and buzzard’s breath)

workingclass artist | January 2, 2012 at 4:04 pm

Don’t count Perry out cause he’s in for the long haul.

This is how he handles the liberal media in Texas…Adios Mofo!

How more perverse can all this become? With the culture nearly completely lost to the Progressive imperium led by the MSM, and our politics and government spilling over with arrogant leftists aching to give America the coup de grace in a second Obama term, we field without a doubt the most maladroit, media-stupid and/or least combative candidates in my political memory going back Reagan.

When these candidates actually go on the offensive, it’s against each other and not the leftists. None has seemed able — has really even tried — to take on the lackluster republican “leader”, a waffling, thin-skined, uninspiring and ridiculously glass-jawed loser-mediocrity who John McCain — John McCain! — dispatched with one hand. The candidate with a reputation for plain-spoken Texas toughness and executive skills has looked like a glazed-eyed deer in debates (now that it’s too late, he finally shows some savvy incision against the Left). The allegedly most conservative female candidate who boasts having mothered umpteen foster children in the Christian spirit has been revealed as a lying harpy so alienating to voters that her congressional re-election might now be in doubt. A demagogic, anti-Semitic and isolationist crank leads in most polls. And the one candidate with an actual record of conservative accomplishment, and a natural gift for demolishing Leftist narratives, is blitzkrieged by the GOP establishment with a ferocity rarely seen, and nowhere evident during the last three years of Obama’s historic assaults on the premise of American exceptionalism.

I expect nothing but perversity anymore.

Anything from politico is suspect and not credible in my book after what they did to Cain. That was the last straw and I canceled the automatic newsletters etc.

With that said, Perry did exactly the right thing in taking them on and I’m not a Perry fan even though I’m from Texas.

The left will do what ever it takes to fabricate, name call, lie outright, and otherwise derail whoever gets the GOP nod.

Well that was a pleasant couple of minutes! 🙂
Politico had that one coming! Good for Perry.

Go Perry. He is the candidate with the best chance of beating Romney and then Obama.

Perry had the same response to Wallace on Fox New Sunday and it was even more forceful. Wallace took the hint a lot quicker than Allen though and quickly dropped the line of questioning. So Perry seems to have been well prepared for this.

Note this pushback strategy didn’t work for Cain though.