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I just needed

I just needed

to watch this again.

I was a student in Moscow at the time, and it was overwhelming.  No one thought it was possible.  And it wasn’t, it just happened.


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The 3 March 1980 cover of Sports Illustrated had no comments or captions; just an image of the US Hockey Team at the end of the game. I think that may have been the only time that has happened. Thanks for posting, Bill. I needed that too. chuck

The game against Finland (Was it the next day or later?) seemed almost like an anti-climax except for the little appreciated fact that Russia could have wound up in 2nd place and USA in 3rd place depending on whether the USA beat Finland or lost. That was a great game to watch, especially knowing so many Minnesotans were on that team; Herbie won his spurs that night regardless of the Finland game outcome.

I remember wondering whether Russia would be awarded extra time like the way it was in that phony basketball game Russia win in the summer Olympics.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to Doug Wright. | January 29, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    You had to bring that up? Good documentary here, for all the youngins

      Thank you for digging deep to find that video!

      Would have thought that our current thought control political leaders would have buried that under mountains of deep doo doo generated from Olympic referees.

      First, watching that video made the 1972 experience and the disbelief about that gold medal game like it had just happened again. Putin’s probably wondering how much effort it would take to have that kind of pull with the UN or other international organizations; not much IMHO.

      I just watched that video again and am struck by how little has changed in so many ways. Socialists of the world still do bond together regardless of nationalities, the UK national on that sport committee, the referees, and the journalists (Actually, based on today’s world, Journolists!).

      It was very disgusting to watch the two reporters at the end of the video nattering about the silver medals, as through those medals were important to the USA team! IMHO, just another example of why today’s crop of journalists are no different from the NYT reporters of yore (Anyone recall Mr. Walter Durante?). Maybe it’s endemic of that kind of work, but my goodness, do any of them (Journolists!) really know anything about the world or how things work? None of them can truly be trusted!

      OTOH, it’s good to know that to Socialists the world over, nothing matters except they’re having control over our activities; Oceania is always just around the corner or under the stairs.

Wow. Talk about being spot on with where we are in this country. We have a right-wing socialist vs. Newt.

Let’s hope history repeats…

I grew up with Mike Eruzione, my Dad was one of his hockey coaches. The kid infuriated my Dad, he called the house to get a ride to get his skates sharpened right before Bobby Orr scored his famous goal flying across the net, Dad missed it in real time. We got our first new car, Michael hit a baseball that hit the front, top and trunk, three dents. That night Michael hit a rock with his hockey stick and broke the front shield window. We call him America’s guest, the guy has had an incredible life. I once saw him score three goals in 43 seconds to win the Northeastern Conference for my home town of Winthrop,Mass. I will never forget 1980, a true Miracle on Ice. A real shame Dad had passed before it happened.

I went to Highschool with one of those players.
Thanks for the morale booster boss!

Oh wow, thanks, I needed that.

major address by Santorum tomorrow … I’d guess he drops out and endorses Gingrich …

game on

How about this for a morale boost?

Carlos Perez, one of Ronald Reagan’s closest Miami advisers and a Radio Mambi talk host who is influential in Florida’s Cuban-American community, says there is growing resentment among Hispanics due to “lies and distortions” from GOP candidate Mitt Romney targeting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Perez told Newsmax in an exclusive interview Saturday afternoon that a backlash is brewing against the Romney campaign’s allegation that Gingrich tried to undermine former President Ronald Reagan’s agenda.

Perez was a close adviser to President Reagan, and Reagan even acknowledged his Cuban-American friend’s achievement during a State of the Union address.

“Among Cuban-Americans, you can bet your life Newt Gingrich will win the primary election,” Perez flatly predicted.

I can attest to this feeling among Hispanic voters in FL as I have been calling them for the past five days. And many thanks for this blog. I can’t go to the Sludge Report, Hot Air for McRomney, or even FOX news to get accurate stories on Newt any more.

Thanks Bill. That was a great palette cleanser. I watched that game on TV and was just in complete shock and joy at the end of it. I remember my reaction to the victory. It was almost painful to watch (like a perfect game in progress). I needed that because I went out and found myself reading a story about a completely different emotional response.

Hey, Prof, why were you a student in the USSR?

Newt’s surging in FL:

(via Newsmax)

Or maybe, as figures don’t lie but liars figure, he was never really that far behind.

    Snorkdoodle Whizbang in reply to Say_What. | January 30, 2012 at 7:02 am

    “Or maybe, as figures don’t lie but liars figure, he was never really that far behind.”

    I tend to lean towards that explanation. Isn’t it funny how the polling suddenly starts to change just before an election?

    Anyway, was happy to see this… a nice way to start a Monday.

WHat we need is a 2012 Miracle in DC.

delicountessa | January 30, 2012 at 5:06 pm

Heh, I do not now nor have I ever watched Hockey but, for some reason, I had turned the tv to it that night. I was stunned to hear the announcers screaming and people yelling and carrying on. Finally, one of the announcers put it in perspective and I found myself out of my chair, screaming and cheering like the rest of them. Except, of course, I had no idea what was actually happening on the ice. I was a very confused but happy camper, though!

I didn’t know you lived in USSR.

How was this game covered in the USSR? Everyone must have been aware of the Olympics, and the Soviet hockey team was the world’s best at that time, so they couldn’t have just pretended it didn’t happen. Yet how could they rationalize such a stinging defeat?