There’s a war going on between hackers in the Middle East:

Israeli hackers said they brought down the official websites of Saudi  Arabia’s Monetary Agency and Abu Dhabi’s Securities Exchange on Tuesday in retaliation for a denial of  service attack on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange the previous day.

Both official websites did appear to be offline following the announcement by the Israeli hackers. An Israeli hacker told The Jerusalem Post that members of the Israel Defenders internet group were behind the attack….

The hackers warned that “this is only the beginning,” adding that “there may be disruption to the [Saudi] government’s stock exchange site” as  well.

“If the lame attacks from Saudi Arabia will continue, we will move to  the next level, which will disable these sites longer term,” they said,  adding that the damage could last “weeks or even months.” The hackers signed their message “IDF Team.”

Also Tuesday, another Israeli hacker named “Anonymous 972” published the email details, including passwords, of 89 Saudi university  students. “Usually we do not like to hurt innocent sites, but there is  now a cyber war, and every war has victims,” the hacker wrote. “Every  time an Israeli site get[s] hacked, the same thing will happen to Saudi  sites,” the hacker added.

The Israeli government has called on Israelis not to retaliate on their own:

“We call on Israeli citizens to abide by (the law). Just as the Israeli government has found answers for terrorism, we will find answers to this challenge … we call on Israeli citizens not to … act as vigilantes,” Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said in a statement.

Expect the private hack counter-hack to continue.