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Fuzzy math

Fuzzy math

Would that be created or saved?

Thanks to reader Stever from Eu Claire, WI, who writes:

While grabbing some ice cream in our below zero weather(?) my sixteen year old and his friend saw this example of the terrible job our schools do teaching math. . .

Great blog – the insurrection is going well in the great white north!!


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Heh, where is the sarc tag?
Unions = Jobs /

There, FIFY

Eau Claire, as in clear water, Sir.

Looks like the Teamsters are for jobs and The Transport Workers Union and the Amalgamated Transit Union are agin ’em.

WASHINGTON — A Canadian company’s plan to pipe oil from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast is pitting traditional Democratic allies against each other.

The pipeline needs a document known as a presidential permit because it crosses an international boundary, although in practice the State Department has authority over the project.

The State Department is expected to complete an environmental analysis this month, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has said she will make a decision by the end of the year.

TransCanada declined to comment on the opposition to the project by the two transit unions, but says it has agreements with at least six unions to build the pipeline.

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Unions = Jobs

Unless they are (Keystone) pipeline jobs, then we will back our tree hugger vote accumulating president.

The Times disputes Paul Krugman

WITH little fanfare, a dangerous notion has taken hold in progressive policy circles: that the amount of money borrowed by the federal government from Americans to finance its mammoth deficits doesn’t matter.

What do you expect when you have a bunch of people who don’t understand a higher standard of living requires higher productivity?


This is the kind of lie the Republican Presidential nominee needs to forcefully confront and refute. Now, which candidate do you think would be most effective in doing that?

Would that be created or saved?

It usually means Union = JobsLost

seeing as each Union job generally costs about 2-3 times what a non-union job would cost, and therefore, there are fewer hired to get the workload done.

That’s the thing to remember the next time you go into the supermarket and have to wait in line for 10 min while there are 8 empty checkout lines begging for a cashier to work um…

I think this bumper-sticker is correct. Unions in USA = jobs in China. I would also suspect that for “”, their definition of ‘democratic’ is that everyone is equally unemployed. Or perhaps as in “The People’s Democratic Republic of…”. In any case, over the long term, unions are a self-solving problem. They’ve been solving themselves out of existence since the 60s. They’re just not self-aware enough to realize it – like the alcoholic that says they don’t have a drinking problem.

After reading the above comments, I’m convinced something happened to the right half of the bumper sticker.

DocWahala – all of this gives new meaning to State of THE Union Adress.