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Flee fishing

Flee fishing

Another one from John Ruberry’s canoe trip in Morton Grove, Ill.

Taken on a car with Wisconsin plates — must be another one of those fleebaggers:



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All I can say is this. If the good folks of Wisconsin recall Walker, they’ll get what they deserve.

Appropriate coloring. Beware the Red menace.

There’s a good reason that the predator ‘fish’ is RED.

The Leninists Live!!

A couple of organizations have announced they’ll be checking the recall petition signatures; I’ve signed up as a volunteer with one of them. Further, one is offering a website whereby residents of Wisconsin can check to assure that their names have not been fraudulently signed to the petitions.

I wonder how the unions will deal with the signatures of “Mickey Mouse” and a dozen signatures claiming the same residential address once the fact checkers have combed through the 500,000+ signatures?

Citizens of the US are fighting back against fraud in the electoral process which is the foundation upon which this Republic exists.


A+ on the post title.