I knew that my position on Bain Capital would fray some relationships in the conservative blogosphere, but this post by Don Surber took me by surprise, Why Republicans Oppose Capitalism:

Newt and Rock Perry are trying to divide the party in a way I never imagined. I thought the divide would be between social conservatives and moderates. Instead it is between capitalists and — how do I put it delicately? — people who work for institutions.

My Eureka moment on this one was when I read this from the Legal Insurrection blog of William A. Jacobson:

When even Rush Limbaugh buys into the “criticising Bain is criticizing capitalism” meme, we have lost as a party. There is a huge difference between using government powers to impose value judgments (a la Obama) and making value judments in evaluating a candidate’s background.

It’s over.

We’ve discovered a way to lose the general election — tie Bain Capital to our legs and go swimming.

William A. Jacobson is a pretty good egg with a good head on his shoulders. But on this one he blew it. Why? Because he teaches law at Cornell Law School. He does not have to worry if Cornell Law School makes a buck or not. He wants it to, of course, but profit is pretty much an abstract notion to him.

With all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about, either about me or my arguments.

I started teaching in 2007, prior to that I had been in private practices since 1985, all but two of those years in law firms with fewer than 10 attorneys, including solo practice.  There were many years when I went several months without a paycheck because the employees, landlord and vendors got paid first.

I also concentrated in representing investors, so I believe deeply in markets and investing.  I also understood how the system often was rigged for corporate insiders and money men, and that leveling the playing field was a key component of free markets.

So Don, get your facts straight before your next Eureka moment.  And if your facts about me are so off, maybe you should consider that your arguments about “Republicans who oppose capitalism” are off too.


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