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More thanks to reader Danelle in Electra, Texas:

Ronnie Wilson opened up his print shop over 30 years ago. He mostly prints signage for the locally owned oil field operations and trucking companies. He’s also known to put out bumper stickers and signage reflecting current political sentiments, local, state or national!

The sticker “We did it at the Grand” is our 80+ year old, one screen movie theatre that is now a setting for the local non professionals who put on a Medicine Show and Bluegrass shows from time to time.


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Completely off topic, but whatever happened to the trollops who claimed that Herman Cain was “inappropriate” with them? Has trollop in charge Allred ever filed any suits?

This is great. My late father was born in Electra, Texas in 1926 in an oilfield camp outside of town.

Electra, daughter of legendary rancher W.T. Waggoner, and the inspiration for the Buick Electra automobile.