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Caucuses tomorrow

Caucuses tomorrow

Here’s the plan, subject to change.

Beginning late morning or lunchtime (Eastern), we’ll have an Open and Update Thread with latest from Iowa.  While the caucuses don’t start until the evening, we’ll try to dig deep for reports of how and what the campaigns are doing.  Bryan will help with the updates.

In the evening there will be a Live Event in which we can keep each other informed of the results.  The caucuses start at 8 p.m. Eastern, so we’ll go live probably around 7 p.m. Eastern.  Hope you all can make it.

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I’ll be interested in the results, but I’ll note having been through one “in ancient times” that tonight is step 1 of a sequence leading to a state convention and from that will evolve the Iowa votes at the National Convention.

Phrased differently they are not doing 5 minute single votecasts tonight to be tallied by machine, they’re doing ‘who do I least dislike that others also choose”

Phrased one more differently – in the admittedly Dem 2008 Iowa Caucus they were looking for an ‘anyone but Hillary that was not from North Carolina’ that Obama satisfied easily.

What will be interesting this evening is to see how the Gingerich V Santorum V Paul shapes up?

I’ve tuned out. Can’t watch Fox, or any cable news for that matter-

I’ll peek in and see how it’s going-

It’s over before it started (just like with W in 2000).

Wait until you get a load of the corruption Romney has been up to, and how the White House knows all about it–and how he is about to become the face of the 1%….which is why the Occutard movement was hatched in the first place.

Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

Why so many people making such a big deal over the most massive display of smoke and mirrors to date is beyond me.

Let’s get to the real deal – the one in Virginia, so we can see if Rommney and Paul place first and second, or visa versa. Now, that’s meaningful politics!

Looking forward to it, thanks. Iowa has actually been a pretty reliable indicator of late, having selected the eventual nominee in the last 3 contested Dem races and in 2 of the last 3 contested GOP races.

As another noted, oftentimes it’s not what happens at the top but at the bottom that proves to be more interesting – and telling – moving forward.

Snorkdoodle Whizbang | January 2, 2012 at 8:19 pm

“Looking forward to it, thanks. Iowa has actually been a pretty reliable indicator of late, having selected the eventual nominee in the last 3 contested Dem races and in 2 of the last 3 contested GOP races.”

Well, not really.

On the Dem side: Out of nine contested Iowa Caucuses since 1972 – Muskie won in 1972, ‘uncommitted’ (my personal fav) won in ’76, Dick Gephardt won in ’88, and Tom Harkin won in ’92 (Bill Clinton, the eventual nominee, garnered a whopping 2.8% in a dismal fourth place). So that’s 4 out of 9 misfires. A bit better than 50% overall.

For the Repub’s: Out of six contested Iowa Caucuses since 1976 – George H. Bush won in 1980 (Ronald Reagan never won a contested caucus in Iowa), Bob Dole won in ’88, and Mike Huckabee won in 2008. Sot thats 3 out of 6. That’s a 50% failure rate.

Bottom line – you’d do just as well if you just flipped a coin. The Iowa Caucus is notable only for being first. A brief glimpse back at the historic results of the Iowa contests should tell you that no matter what happens in Iowa tomorrow… it probably won’t mean a damn thing towards the final outcome of the primary process.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | January 2, 2012 at 8:30 pm

Note to Iowans..
If you decide to elect Romney, a liberal moderate mush Republican RINO Obama-lite elitist.. then you mine as well just vote for Obama, as they are exactly the same in their implementation of policies and programs, and their lying political propaganda about all of it, as they just represent opposite political party’s, but everything else is the same..
Mass. the State of Liberalism, the State of Ted Kennedy, and the State of Barney Franks, and you want to elect a Gov. from there.. As a Ronald Reagan constitutional tea party conservative. that would be absolutely appalling.

On Bolling’s show, Palin said Huntsman should drop out and that this was not Bachman’s time…. OUCH! That one is going to leave a mark.