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Can’t we all just paddle along?

Can’t we all just paddle along?

Thanks to John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit who took this photo of end of the New Year’s Eve Paddle in Morton Grove, IL:


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When will these morons realize that Islamics don’t want to coexist with anybody; they just want to dominate or kill? Ask the Nigerian Christians who were slaughtered over Christmas, ask the Tajik Christian who was slaughtered by 30 brave Islamic thugs who couldn’t bear to see one man dressed up as Father Christmas because Christmas trees, presents, singing, and Christianity itself is “unislamic.” the year is new, and I’m already wearied of these ignorami who pretend current events aren’t happening and prefer stupid slogans over harsh reality.

The islamists will change their minds about all this killing if we are just nicer to them, don’tcha know. All cultures are of equal importance. The dims and the media tell us so. Never mind the islamists themselves tell a different story. The problem for the left is that conservatives believe these people when they make these statements. Not all of us have the option of sticking our heads in the sand like the dims. When they kill us (and they do this often) they are not just misguided and need a helping hand, they need to be obliterated. The rot has set in. When a country has more sympathy for its enemies than for its citizens it is toast. When an avowed enemy kills the very people who have taken an oath to protect us and are given clemency we are toast. The barbarians are at the gate and the dims want to take cookies and lemoade to them so they don’t get parched in the noonday sun.