The Des Moines Register came out with its final polling last night, and here were the numbers in percentage points:  Romney (24), Paul (22), Santorum (15), Gingrich (12), Perry (11), Bachmann (7).

Santorum is surging averaging 10% the first two days of polling, but the second two days put him just below Romney, with 22% in the final day.

41% of voters say they still could change their minds.

But, assuming the results are as the poll indicates, will any of these be the headline?

Romney falls short of 2008 25.3% tally


76% of Republican voters still don’t want Romney


Santorum percent in Iowa matches percent by which he lost his last Senate race


Guy who has no chance of mounting national campaign against Romney surges


Despite $10 million in negative ads, Gingrich lives to fight another day

I doubt it.  But you can’t take away my bitterness, to which I cling.