it turns:

  • How Romney won New Hampshire.  It’s the (supposed) electability, not conservatism, stupid.
  • Bad signs for GOP.  Why do you hate capitalism?
  • Another Iranian nuke scientist goes down.  And I don’t mean what you think I mean, you depraved freaks.
  • Have you noticed that Fox News turned negative on Newt over the past month or so? Wonder why.
  • Romney raised $24 million in Q4.
  • Some Utah-04 news.  Carl Wimmer has the big money behind him, hopefully Mia Love can beat the big money.
  • more to follow.
  • Quote of Day… why should conservatives have to defend the worst kind of capitalism to “defend capitalism”?  It’s like saying “defend Micahel Vick, otherwise YOU HATE FOOTBALL.”
  • Another Quote of Day:  “The Republican leadership should be panicking right now, but they’re doubling down instead.”