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Ann Althouse is 8

Ann Althouse is 8

At least her blog, that is:

It was back on January 14, 2004 that I crossed the line into the blogosphere. (That’s what we called it then, the blogosphere.) After posting every single day — absolutely never even one day away — I’m still having a grand time.
I’m delighted to still be here and able to type out the letters: Thanks for reading!



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Oh! I thought you meant she went in the tank for Romney.

Eight years is a long time in this venue, so congrats to Ann!

I first began blogging 11/30/2003. My blog was called Kitty Litter. I knew nothing about the process but learned, especially with the help of blogging buddies, several of whom are still friends. All through 2004 I co-blogged with Pat Curley, whose Kerry Haters blog helped expose John Kerry’s Excellent Cambodian Adventure as a lie. But blogging is work, and after four years, I was simply burned out. I closed KL and ‘retired.’ Until this year. I’m blogging again, but mostly for myself. I don’t promote the blog. I use it to get back into writing.

Congratulations and Happy Blogday to Ann!

Hers is a must read!

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