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A dolphin could be Romney’s undoing

A dolphin could be Romney’s undoing

I saw the link to this circulated on Twitter. I assume this is by a pro-Newt entity, but it just as easily could be the Democrats’ theme for the general election.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the sound of the dolphin may be worth ten thousand words, or the image of John Kerry wind surfing, or Mike Dukakis in a tank.

The sound is what makes the ad devastating. It’s memorable.


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DINORightMarie | January 30, 2012 at 1:49 pm

Woah! No one has claimed this one yet? Devastating.

Flipper. It fits so well.

“That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more – flipping”.

Bravo! Mockery is the best way to go with this clown.

My only quibble is that it didn’t go far enough on Romneycare (left out his quote about the mandate, and Obama’s quote endorsing it). Also left out calling himself a “progessive.”

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The idea for this ad came from a New York magazine article last week.

Shouldn’t Chris Christie be “Bluto?” He’s too strong-willed to be “Wimpy.” Anyway, that would be Mitt, if he wasn’t already cast as Flipper.

Wow, great video, Dolphins and a Whale too:)

And Gingrich never flip-flopped? So, the argument is that Mitt will be damaged by accusations of flip-floping? The same can be said about Newt, Santorum (not as much) and Obama. Therefore, the point is mute.

Looks like the flailing has begun in earnest by Newt proponents. I’ll be glad when it ceases. I have said before, I am not happy with the sniping but at least we see what will happen in the general and we should be prepared for it.

Will this be useful in the general – it’s possible, but there are 10X as many fun videos to be made of a serial philanderer, lobbyist and tax-cheat like Gingrich. So, if the argument here is that Mitt can be dinged by this, the argument that Newt will be dinged by similar is even greater.

Vote how you feel, but rationalizing one candidates equal or worse failings while highlighting the same of another is disingenuous at best.

Let’s go over this again – Ronald Reagan was a Democrat. He was against a ban on same-sex marriage. He saw the light, changed his mind and we love him for it.

    raven in reply to drrogera. | January 30, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Hit a nerve, did it?

    “You’re only allowed a certain number of flips before people begin to doubt your character. I think Romney exhausted his quota some time back.”

    That’s from Establishment water carrier, Brit Hume.

    CalMark in reply to drrogera. | January 30, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Don’t look now, but in making the case for Romney, you just made an even stronger case for Gingrich: he’s flipped a lot less.

    And his conservative record as Speaker is far more favorable than Romney’s as governor.

    DINORightMarie in reply to drrogera. | January 30, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    “Therefore, the point is mute.” (stet)

    I agree – your point is “mute”. 😉 I think you meant “moot” – yeah, pretty sure.

    The video speaks for itself – and speaks volumes. Newt’s few changes are not flip-flops like Romney’s, as @CalMark correctly states. They are reasoned and rational changes based on new analysis or additional information – which he has explained ad nauseum since he announced last year.

    Example: the mandate that Newt once supported was also supported by very Conservative Heritage Foundation; however, after analysis and examination, it was renounced by both, primarily because of its unconstitutionality. I could go on, but I won’t…..because:

    I’m done feeding the troll now.

The One was for it before he was against it. (simply replace it with any number of issues.)

    Which reminds me. If Obummer is “The One” should mittens be “The” or “The Two”?

      Darkstar58 in reply to 49erDweet. | January 30, 2012 at 4:44 pm

      Everything Obama (aka, “The One”) has fought for or passed was first fought for or passed by Romney when he was Governor of MA

      Romney is Obama before there even was an Obama

      In my book, that means he absolutely must be considered “The Zero”

      I’ve said from the beginning that Romney is “number two”. As for his flip-flopping, Romney certainly does bring to mind the original Florida Flipper-Charlie Crist.

      Aitch748 in reply to 49erDweet. | January 30, 2012 at 7:50 pm

      Somebody on another thread said that if Obama is “The One,” then Romney is “The Other One.”

      So we’ll be asked to choose between The One and The Other One this year (barring a miracle that denies Romney the nomination).

You can watch some of Flipper seen in that add from this 1994 debate:

Kennedy has the zinger, with “I am Pro Choice; my opponent is multiple choice”

and the moderator also had a good one with “Mr. Romney, can I interrupt you. This was a question of you greatest failure”

After the debate, Brent Bozell had this to say (which is included at the end)

“(Romney) demonstrated very clearly in the debate last night that he has more in common with liberal Democrats then he does with Conservatives… Conservatives should not let their disgust and anger with Ted Kennedy’s big government liberal record blindly lead them to support Mitt Romney” (10/26/94)

Replace Debate with MA Governorship, and Kennedy with Obama, and Brent might as well be speaking about him today…

    Darkstar58 in reply to Darkstar58. | January 30, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    and here is a 2002 debate with his going on and on supporting Pro Choice for 5 mins

    one which ironically also see’s him stating “this is a more important election, and more important issue, then to allow rhetoric and twisting of accurate facts” @2:16 — too bad he doesn’t heed his own advice

    Zinger from Shannon O’Brien @4:57 – “you don’t have a record; its one of waffling”

Henry Hawkins | January 30, 2012 at 2:31 pm

If Obama is called The One, I think Romney should be called The Other One.

That made me laugh out loud! I never missed an episode when I was a kid.

On the other hand:

Newt has been a flipper in the world full of wonder, as well.

The Ryan Plan
Global Warming
Abortion Funding
Libya Military Strategy
Stem Cell Research Funding

    Missing the point once again. Even if the degree and number of flips between the two were identical (they’re not, or even close), Gingrich offers compensating and dynamic advantages including a pro-conservative vision and bulldog tenacity in the trenches that has yielded RESULTS and VICTORIES over time against huge odds and at great personal cost. What does Romney have to show other than a perpetual and wildly spendthrift campaign of personal ambition and a record of compromise and collusion with the Left in which he ended up holding the short end?

    SmokeVanThorn in reply to MerryCarol. | January 30, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    This is an absolutely serious, good faith inquiry.

    I am well aware of Gingrich’s failings and that he has, on numerous occasions, taken positions that are anathema to conservatives. On the other hand, he has substantial conservative accomplishments.

    What conservative accomplishments can Mitt Romney justifiably claim?

    Aitch748 in reply to MerryCarol. | January 30, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    Once again, a Romney supporter prefers to tear down Romney’s competition rather than try to sell Romney as a candidate.

    Why, it’s almost as if the strategy is merely to make sure that Romney is the last guy standing. That way, he won’t have to sell himself at all.


by anonymous, huh?

Well, there you go. Willard really doesn’t have much in the way of exhibiting commitment to anything really.

The video of Coulter at the end is priceless. She could have her own video based upon her support of Christie / Romney.

Newt certainly has his issues. I’d prefer someone a bit more consistent in their beliefs rise to the top. Not going to be the case this time around. I really do not see how Romney will be able to beat Obama. Never know, I guess, but it will be because of increased disgust with Obama as opposed to anyone really getting excited about Romney.

It’s clear to me now…Rmoney is best “flippin'” candidate for POTUS we can run!

I think Obama is called the One cause he is yellow, Romney is number Two and should be flushed.

I put this under the wrong post, so reposting, just to say that a friend has this video in her “Public Service Announcement”, which includes links to L.I. and other convenient gathered cites/links about Romney’s lying.

That ending with Coulter was perfect.

Alinsky the crap out of this, please–paint this guy as Flipper, now and forever. (In other words, every time you mention Mitt, you *need* to call him Mitt “Flipper” Romney or, even better, just “Flipper.”)

Is it just me or do Mitt’s lying eyes – remarkably consistent over the years – creep anyone else out?

Hilarious !!!

huskers-for-palin | January 30, 2012 at 9:25 pm

If I dangled a fish above the pool would Christie come up and get it?



Anyone else not able to see more than the lower left corner of Professor’s videos? I’m using Safari 5.1 on a Mac. Only site where I have this problem. Can’t see the title bar so I can find it on YouTube.

It is well done. Unfortunately you could probably parody Newt just as bad. I am not thrilled with Obama getting reelected.

SmokeVanThorn | January 31, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Twenty four hours age I asked a good faith question: What conservative accomplishments can Mitt Romney justifiably claim?

Not a peep from the Romney supporters who question Newt Gingrich’s conservative bona fides.

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