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What do you see?

What do you see?

Michele Walk, who along with Kathleen helped me out on some social media things and who now works for Engage, links to an interesting post at Mashable about eye tracking of Facebook pages performed by EyeTrackShop Inc.

Here’s the image of what people see on a Facebook page:


I’m pretty sure I can’t afford their services, so tell me, what do you see and what to you first look at when you visit the Legal Insurrection home page?


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Depends on if it is a first look, or one after you have become familiar – once trained, we know where to look for new content, and avoid the fluff. Think yellow-pages (I know, now almost defunct, but) – you ignore the ads, usually, and right for the content, scanning the names with a finger. On Drudge, you may register awareness of the ads, but you go right for the content, looking for new content…

I’m betting whatever is new gets more attention. It is interesting how much info is registered in a nano-second, though.

I read the headlines first then go back and read the articles I want to based on the headlines, usually. Sometimes if a topic is really hot I read the article right when I see a headline, often that would be if the headline involves some breaking legal news. Except for the song post of the day (which I thoroughly enjoy!) I am oblivious to anything on the right side of the page.

The really hot lady in the red pajamas…oh…wait…wrong page…:P

    logos in reply to Ulises. | December 1, 2011 at 1:56 pm


    Unmistakably, Dr. Helen.

    I saw her once at a Tea Party Convention, and she is even more gorgeous in person – very petite. I never approach celebrities in public, but I barged right up to her husband, Professor Reynolds, to shake his hand and utter some inane fan chatter.

I use the RSS feed reader NewsFox on Firefox. When I get to the LI tab, I read the titles then look at the pictures if available. Then I’m skimming the top part of the article, reading about the first half of each paragraph’s opening sentence. If its still got my attention, I open the link and read the whole thing. If newsfox says its an updated article, I’ll scroll down to the update.

If I’m going to my bookmark of LI, I’ve bookmarked “Blogs I read” since you track far more blogs than I do and its easier to let your updater do the work.

It would be a mistake to compare Facebook visualization with any other familiar blog. People know where to look on familiar web sites, so that is where they go. I have begun to hate the new trend in blogs of giving a bunch of items a single paragraph and then posting an internal link. When Powerline went to that format they allowed the user to click a button and get the old format of straight line posts. I always use that format because it is easy to skim for what I am interested in. If I am on a slow link, I skip blogs with the multiple pointers on the home page because it requires too many slow clicks. I dislike having to do a minimum of two clicks to read an entry and then come back or end up with a huge number of Firefox tabs. If I am going to have to do that, I will work directly out of the Google Reader and skip the blogs home page.

Right down the center column. Your yellow and black color scheme is pretty jarring, so my eye naturally avert anything close to or in it. Overall a jumbled impression, over populated with unnecessary complexity. The UI buttons also are pretty ugly too, I hate looking at them. The content is pretty good so I force my eyes to read whats there.

    imfine in reply to imfine. | December 1, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    BTW, there could be some method to this madness, but getting people to avoid the all the UI/information pieces they become ultra concentrated on the content.

Cowboy Curtis | December 1, 2011 at 1:45 pm

I always look for the much promised, long anticipated, pic-heavy expose on the lovely Andrea Tantaros. You’ve yet to deliver. Please tell me its at least a work in progress.

I usually see the newest blog entry title directly at eye level to the right where I usually start to read. Can’t miss it. And, of course, your blogs name is above this if I need assurance of where I am. I then start reading the entry. So your site catches my sight most correctly in terms of usability. I usually read that and then scroll down to see if I missed some entries since my last visit.

My eyes skim down the post headers, looking successively at title, author and number of comments.

All else being equal, I’m less likely to read or contribute to a comment thread with too many comments. A lot of comments can mean redundancy, petty squabbling or axe grinding, and/or trolling.

I like the Yellow and Black banner. It says Legal Insurrection to me, much as the Maggies Farm banner identifies it. They tried changing it last year, but switched back due to reader preferences.

I go straight to all posts, determine the subject matter, scan for any bumper stickers and then click into comments of the posts in which I am particularly interested. I’ve become familiar with “friendlies” and I’ve begun to comment more.

Comments at LI tend to stay on point; comments at other websites seem to wander all over the map – maybe the intent of stealth trolls?

Last year, I clicked the occasional Video of the Day as I like the Professor’s musical selections. Most recently,I discovered the Post of the Day and the Blog of the Day and I make sure to scan the “Blogs I Read” list.

When I want to search Amazon, I scroll allllllll the way down to the Amazon search box.

I always try to make time to click the Alan Grayson ad to suck his coffers dry and transfer his wealth to Legal Insurrection and laugh at that asshat.

My very favorite thing about Legal Insurrection is the SUBSTANCE of the posts and their relevance to the issues facing the US – and let’s not forget the value of Operation Counterweight.

I visit you second in the morning, after reading Obamateurism of The Day at Hotair. Then I jump to your bumper sticker of the day. My eyes go straight for it. During the day, I scan the headlines, usually reading the story right away. I seldom skip any of your posts. I never looked at the right column, until you showed shopping links! Now I’ll do all my amazon purchases through you. I still like the soft color background you had on the old web site, I’m not keen on the “read more” button–I prefer the whole story at one crack. All in all, it is great content : )

The headlines. I scroll down to see what might be new and what I want to read. Then I check the video of the day to see if it’s a memory I want to relive.

What I see notice first is the LI banner which lets me know which site I am at (measured in milliseconds). If it is one of my tabs, I know that something piqued my interest at anothers site enough that I wanted to read that particular post.

However, if LI is in the far left tab, I came here to browse (5-10 in my bookmarks). Because I am a regular reader, I scroll through the recent posts. What I like about your site (and dislike about Althouse’s) is that you pare down long posts on the main page. What I do like about your site, and Ann and Glen’s, is that my preview of what you offer daily/weekly/etc, is accessed via the simple vertical scroll function (Powerline made a mistake going away from this).

And the blogads positioning is good as that they do not interrupt that simple process, yet are noticeable when I stop and ponder a point.

What do I notice? You mean after the really creepy ad from Alan Grayson (bees pee upon him) that I do my best to ignore?

I start at the top story, look at the headline and whatever text is available, decide to read more or not (assuming it’s not something I’ve already read), look through the comments, then move on to the next story.

I totally ignore the ads on the right side (I see the Grayson one only when it appears in the same column as your posts), although I will click on one if someone reminds me that doing so will slightly impoverish the leftist idiot in the ad and give you a few cents. ;-p

The first thing I always notice is the handsome visage of Professor Jacobson.

Only one “beef” for me: needing to click thru the “read more” link on every post after the five most recent. Pixels are cheap, the posts could be displayed in full.

I check your latest post and then check out the video du jour. (Loved the Ronettes week and now the Lovin’ Spoonful. YEAH!) I’m not thrilled with the Alan Grayson ads, but I figure you have no control over those. I keep coming back daily; need I say more?

First I open up a post’s comments section and scan for entry’s by Cowboy Curtis or LukeHandCool. Those are the posts that always interest me. All else is fluff.

    LukeHandCool in reply to 49erDweet. | December 1, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    Haha! Be careful 49erDweet. A man is known by the commenters he reads!

    I’m tickled you’d say that and I always look forward to some good reading when I see your avatar. I would just disagree on “fluff.” I get a kick out of almost all the commenters and I’m impressed by their knowledge and humor.

My eyes flit over the banner, then to the title of the bloc, then to the FOCUS button and then to the title of the first post, and on down.

I believe that studies show that people who are used to reading from left to right, top down, look first at the upper left-hand corner and then the left column. On the internet, readers are most comfortable with left-hand navigation bars. Inexplicably, many blog templates put this info on the right.

In regards to your page, I read the headlines, who the author is and then read the articles. I visit your site about three times per day – very early morning, lunchtime and evenings thus, I generally read all of your articles.

FYI – I especially enjoy your legal opinions and comments on legal matters and have been impressed by your judicious control over the number of legal articles you publish as well as how you make legalese understandable to someone like myself who tries very hard to avoid any type of contact with all things to do with the profession of esquires. No offense, and I am sure none is taken. 😉

P.S. I love your song of the day too and have suggested to American Thinker that they follow your lead. (Lol)

I see a page that, in my humble opinion, has more eye appeal than any other blog that I read….but I have to admit that the name of your blog is what drew me to you.

I go right to the latest post and then see if I’ve missed any posts since my last visit. I then, time permitting, read all the comments. I always check the video of the day, blog of the day, etc., before going to sleep.

Aesthetically, I find the blog layout, format, etc., very pleasing.

Of course, first and foremost is the Professor’s analysis of the news.

What drew me to this blog is chemistry, I guess. I read someone with a worldview just like mine, and he peppered things with humor and spiced them with music. Well, maybe cooking rather than chemistry.

Either way, you’ve created a wonderful recipe, Professor.

LukeHandCool (whose wife has a blog in Japanese which has some 400+ readers already. And who has a habit, when his wife is spending too much time on the computer on her blog, of approaching her without speaking, rubbing his tummy in a circular motion with one hand and simultaneously pointing at his open, hungry mouth with the other).