Relatively quiet, but what is going on is vomitous:

  • Romney campaign is bragging about inevitability, and pointing out what we all know, via NY Mag (h/t HotAir):

“Who would’ve thought that Romney would get to this point without having a crapload of negative ads dropped on his head,” says a veteran Republican consultant. “It’s not like there’s not any material out there to work with, after all. But the other candidates have no money, so they can’t afford even to do the research, let alone pay for the airtime to really hurt him. And then, on top of that, they’re all incompetent, so they’ve wound up splitting the anti-Romney vote and opening up the door for him to win this thing real quick.”…

  • Romney’s 59 point plan actually has a 60th point, a VAT.
  • CNN dug up Newt’s 30 year old divorce file (h/t jimzinsocal in Tip Line), and what is amazing is how little there is in it.  This is no Jack Ryan file.  Nonetheless CNN is trying to make it into a big story claiming that it is inconsistent with Newt’s assertion that his wife originally wanted the divorce.  Since Newt actually filed the divorce petition, and his wife initially pleaded that there were grounds for divorce but she did not seek one “at this time,” CNN says it contradicts Newt’s claims.  Actually, there may have been strategic reasons for pleading this way, since she also asked for a split of assets and other things we normally associate with a divorce.  They settled soon after.  Before the Romney supporters start gloating, wait until legal files regarding lawsuits involving Bain appear, if he gets the nomination, and legal pleadings are taken out of context, or when the lawn care company owner and employees mysteriously remember that Romney knew illegals were working at his property. (Yeah, I’ll probably jump to his defense, I’m just that way.)
  • Chuckie Schumer’s brother in law got an unexpected nomination to the federal court in New Jersey, a blatant political payoff from Frank Lautenberg.
  • Is Newt doing okay in Ohio?  This reporter seems to think so.
  • Romney started donating big time to conservative charities when he decided to run for president the first time around.  (h/t MaggotAtBroadAndWall in the Tip Line).  Dan Riehl and Matt Lewis have some thoughts on whether this had a corrupting effect.
  • Something smells rotten in the Commonwealth of Virginia with regard to primary petition signatures, see Moe Lane and VA Right.  At this point it just smells, hopefully we’ll find out soon if it really was rotten.
  • More to follow.
  • Marquette Professor in trouble for questioning validity of how “rape” is defined by feminists.
  • Curt Levey of Committee for Justice disagrees with much of the criticism of Newt’s judicial accountability plans.