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The photo that could defeat the Wisconsin recall

The photo that could defeat the Wisconsin recall

Governor Scott Walker is facing a massive recall effort mounted by national unions and Democrats looking to take out a leading Republican.  It appears that enough signatures have been gathered to force a recall election in the spring.

Walker will win if Wisconsin voters have a reaction similar to that of reader Tim when he received his new property tax bill recently:

Howdy Professor,

Love the blog, read it daily. Thank you for your efforts.

I’m from Wisconsin and support Gov. Walker. I received my real estate tax bill for my home today. For the first time in years they didn’t go up! Imagine that.


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ANd democrats recoil in horror at the idea of not taking more money away from people!

Only $1,721.96? That’s fraction of what we pay here in the Finger Lakes! Wisconsin must be one of those “low tax states” to which everyone around here is always threatening to move.

    Wisconsin is not a low tax state! I was born there and love it. The only thing keeping me from moving back is the outrageous property taxes. Of course, that is in the Milwaukee area. But most urban areas in the state have high taxes. Tim must either have a really small house or he must live in a rural area.

    Nevertheless, keep it up, Walker, and I’ll come back.

      Mine are 10 acres of land and $200,000 home rural Wisconsin approx 1750.00. Come on back to Wisconsin and bring some new businesses with you. Not all ‘sconnies act like they got dropped on their head when they were born.

Just got mine here on Long Island: $11,700. Of course, for all of that money I get….

Um, it’s gonna take me a while to figure that one out.

    SoCA Conservative Mom in reply to mrl325i. | December 16, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Channeling Barbara Walters interviewing Cain, “WHAAAAtttttt!?!”

    Perhaps the only positive, other than the weather, of living in CA is Prop 13.

I think my taxes in Phoenix were about $1,000/yr for 1/6 acre R1 lot in town.

I’d take a picture of mine, but my daughter hasn’t taught me how to run my damn phone yet…but, hey I opened mine here in Adams County Wisconsin and it actually went down approximately $100. The first time down since I bought this farm close to 40 yrs ago! Did a double take and then thanked God and Scott Walker in that order!

I live in NC and my taxes are $2,281.00 for a $160,000 house. I call that pretty steep especially since I came from Alabama where I paid $435.00 for a $100,000.00 house. And lest you run away with the idea these are shacks, they are very nice houses. The one I have now is a four bedroom two bath brick home on a half acre of land in a pretty posh neighborhood.

If the people in Wisconsin have kept up with the news, they will see Ohio is much regretting not passing the bill to somewhat rein in the union’s power. Many, many layoffs. Whereas, things are looking much better in Wisconsin since Walker took office. Schools are actually saving money. Imagine that. The unions were forced to compromise instead of arbirarily giving orders to the government.

Well, aren’t you all lucky! My taxes went up $64 (or 3.9%). I expect them to go up next year since I don’t own a corporation.