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The lie stuff

The lie stuff

It’s a word I find myself using, or wanting to use, more and more.


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I was thinking about trying this “Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread White House talking points while you’re passing the gravy” thing on my Obama-loving Sister-in-law and her husband. I figure if I pour it on so unrelentingly thick that even they won’t like Obama any more because they will be sure that if I like him, he must be a “Right Wing stooge.”

Romney is present. He avoids his past and anything else in the past. He takes stands with several different positions; usually at the same time. We are to take a flyer he will do the right thing in the future. Romney is the epitome of Mr. In-between.

This must be Ann Coulter’s vision of Mr. Right.

Bachmann is trying to be relevent. I guess, just being Romney’s wingnut wasn’t enough. Add Bob Vander Plaats to the list of people she should apologize to; along with Pawlenty, Newt, and the American people.

Professor, above, you linked above a Newt Gingrich Op-Ed from the Wall Street Journal as support for the proposition that the House should somehow not “fall in the trap” of 1.) standing on principal, and 2.) holding out for their position of demanding the inclusion of a one-year extension on the payroll tax issue now; and, by contrast, you then link in a ThinkProgress6 video from YouTube for the proposition that Mitt Romney is voting present on the issue.

Here was how you put it — without including the links again):

Newt says House shouldn’t fall into trap on payroll “tax” issue (he speaks from experience) while Romney votes present.

Here is what I don’t get.

All parties agree — including Newt — that the tax should be extended for one year.

So, why should the Republican House break down now, and agree to a 2-month extension, when their greatest leverage is right now?

Through his “scare tactics” the President has made it abundantly clear that the one year extension has to be passed, but he says wants to “negotiate” the one year extension. Why? Certainly not because he wants to change the timeline — one year is one year! It has to be because he obviously wants something more that he believes he can get from a negotiation.

Gingrich is taking Obama’s position on this! And, he is undermining the resolve of the members of the House. The Senate Rs made a bad deal with Harry.

Seems to me the time to negotiate is right now. The House should insist on the one-year extension before the beginning of the year, and force the Senate to come back in to get it right, or publicly agree now to a one-year extension in conference.

Or, even if the petulant Senate still refuses (which they will NOT do given a little more pressure) they could all come back in in January, pass the one-year extension, and make it retroactive to the beginning of the year.

There is absolutely no benefit for the House to turn tail and cave in at this point.

Yet, Newt Gingrich is publicly urging the House Republicans to throw in the towel!

What kind of leadership is that? At least Mitt is staying out of a fight amongst Republicans.

Imagine a football team in the “red zone” with less than a minute to go before the half. They go into the huddle and the quarterback says:

“Coach is afraid of me throwing a pass, because it could be intercepted. He thinks I should kneel and let the clock run out . . . says we should be able to easily score in the second half.

‘Genuflect offense’ on 2!