A variety of things doing in the Stop Newt Express:

  • The Romney campaign is going to use surrogates like Chris Christie to go after Newt: “Campaigning for the former Massachusetts governor in South Florida Thursday, Mr.
    Christie showed he may be the Romney attack dog.”
  • Isn’t that part of the problem, Romney dodging hard interviews and whining about hard questions?  Man up and go after Newt yourself, face to face at the next debate.  If you don’t, you’re Tim Pawlenty.
  • Romney plans to play up his 42 year marriage, with an implied jab at Gingrich.  I don’t think that will work, and in fact it will boomerang.
  • Top Romney Aide Call Gingrich Evil.  And it all dates back to 1985, if you can believe it.
  • Rick Santorum is getting in on the anti-Newt act, although at least he’s doing it himself.
  • Newt, by contrast, has put out the word to his campaign to take the high road.  Newt’s playing chess, the rest are playing checkers.
  • Have you noticed how many Obama backers lately are putting out the word they would rather face Newt?  Sure.
  • Verum Serum has a very weak attack on Newt which nonetheless is getting a lot of linkage (such as by me).  VS fails to acknowledge that there is a huge difference between supporting the concept of GSEs and supporting bad practices at Fannie/Freddie, something I pointed out in a Twitter exchange.

In non-Newt news, Rick Perry has released an ad trying to use his brain freeze as a plus.  Can Perry claw his way back?  I don’t think so, and not because I have anything against him, I don’t.  He just never convinced me that he was ready for the national stage, and apparently I’m not alone as his polling numbers have cratered.  But I do respect him more and more as he fights on and on.

What else?