Things I could not fit into separate posts:

  • Self-described liberal law professor says Elena Kagan should recuse herself from Obamacare case, but ends with “Now, as to Justice Thomas …”  Concern troll?
  • Something so important about Newt it occupies reporters’ time.  Something actually important.
  • Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that there is something about which Jennifer Rubin and I agree.
  • Republicans in the House roll out their own payroll tax plan, expect Harry Reid to use it as kindling.
  • Someone figured out Obama’s veto threat has helped John Boehner.
  • Eric Holder was grilled today — I didn’t get to watch it.  Anyone have suggested links for a good, fair and balanced summary of what happened?
  • I simply don’t know where the money is
  • I recommend Elect Ad blog, which features a variety of election ads from various candidates, including the video below by Jon Huntsman going after Romney (video here at link).
  • What else?

Update: A Romney Super PAC has launched an anti-Newt ad. Will it work for Romney to call Newt a flip-flopper, and can Romney help himself by attacking without being able to make the case for himself? I don’t think so, this ad says “loser” all over it, and I don’t mean Newt: (really strange, between the time I grabbed the embed code and the time I hit “update” to the post, the video was pulled at YouTube. Wonder why? — Too late, I still had it on my screen and was able to download it! I’ll post it when I figure out how.)

Here it is: