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so close and yet so far…

so close and yet so far…

That was the subject line in the e-mail from Aaron Worthing, who blogs at Allergic to Bull , who sent this photo:

It was perfect, almost perfect. A bumper sticker picture with a hilarious contradiction. First they say “universal healthcare is pro-life” and then they say the don’t brake for right wingers.

But alas, my iphone’s camera is not good enough for you to read it.


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I’ve always thought of bumper stickers as the penultimate displays of passive aggressive behavior. It is also interesting to observe the contradiction of people who seem to relish the forthright assertion of their most passionate convictions from nothing other than a position of complete anonymity. What guts these people have, huh?

If license plates bore the names of the owners of vehicles, my guess is that we would see a lot fewer bumper stickers.

I believe the other bumper sticker says: Freedom Isn’t Free So Stop Whining and Pay Your Taxes

Yeah, because all our tax dollars only go towards defending and preserving our freedom as spelled out in the Constitution and other founding documents. Not a dime goes to the mountains of non-essential crap the government meddles in. The owner of this car doesn’t seem too bright.

I like it when people put political bumper stickers on their cars. Makes it easy to spot the nuts.

Ha! -Freedom Isn’t Free- many American lives have been lost to defend the freedom we had at one time in this country. Freedom has never has been the by-product of citizens sending a *king’s ransom* of money earned, to an insatiable government. Bumper stickers merely junk up a car, but the people that install them on their vehicles are too stupid to get that…. or any simple or complex concept.

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