Democrats in Wisconsin are trying to make Charlie Sykes, the great conservative talk show host and blogger, a campaign issue in the recall.

Sounds like a plan, a stupid plan:

From Charlie’s blog:

Pure political genius if a state political party running against a talk show host and the largest radio station in the state, er, makes sense.. Two quick reactions here: (1) Bizarre even by Mike Tate standards, (2) I love it. (Do you think we are living in their heads, or what?)

Following up on an unhinged rant on 620WTMJ last Friday, Graeme Zielinski, the official spokesman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, authored a letter to supporters asking for donations of $6.20 to “fight back” against Wisconsin’s largest radio station. Zielinski singles out morning radio host Charlie Sykes in particular.

That Zielinski guy, the Communications Director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, we’ve featured him before:

Wisconsin’s long, strange trip isn’t over yet.