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Save America, defeat Charlie Sykes

Save America, defeat Charlie Sykes

Democrats in Wisconsin are trying to make Charlie Sykes, the great conservative talk show host and blogger, a campaign issue in the recall.

Sounds like a plan, a stupid plan:

From Charlie’s blog:

Pure political genius if a state political party running against a talk show host and the largest radio station in the state, er, makes sense.. Two quick reactions here: (1) Bizarre even by Mike Tate standards, (2) I love it. (Do you think we are living in their heads, or what?)

Following up on an unhinged rant on 620WTMJ last Friday, Graeme Zielinski, the official spokesman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, authored a letter to supporters asking for donations of $6.20 to “fight back” against Wisconsin’s largest radio station. Zielinski singles out morning radio host Charlie Sykes in particular.

That Zielinski guy, the Communications Director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, we’ve featured him before:

Wisconsin’s long, strange trip isn’t over yet.


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We are so deeply in their heads that they have reached the point of “certifiable”. I just got a REFUND on the escrow for my property taxes. Why? Scott Walker. The people of Wisconsin would have to be plain stupid to recall him and go back to the, “no tax is too big or too small as long as it’s a tax” days.

On the other hand, the Left is like the Borg. They are relentless and will never stop trying. We must defeat them at every turn.

    VinnyJ300M in reply to Deekaman. | December 21, 2011 at 10:30 am

    I too, live in Wisconsin – in the City of Waukesha. (Where the property tax rates are as ridiculous as Donald Trump’s comb-over.)

    I, too, saw my property taxes reduced, mostly due to the school levies dropping.

    Thank you, Scott Walker. Your campaign will be getting a donation from me to help fight the looney-lefties (but I repeat myself). Keep up the good work.

Probably not a good idea to take on someone who talks in megawatts.

As long as Zielinski doesn’t accuse Eric Holder of malfeasance, he’s Ok.

But, God forbid that a Republican make such a public call to violence, because the media would be all over that, faster than a heart beat.

I am alternately horrified and proud to be a Wisonsin native. But Deek is correct. The Dems/ Progressives are quite similar to the Borg.

    Now you understand what it is to be a native Californian. You look around and take pride in everything you see, and then someone has to go and open their st@pid mouth.

What’s Zielinski going to do for an encore? Talk trash about Mark Belling’s mother? The lefties need to pull up their big boys and inject just a bit of class into their Collective.

After reading such tweets you realize some people had really terrible parents who never taught them right from wrong. Amazing too that they don’t have the good sense not to commit their most base thoughts to a public venue.

Just a natural evolution of Dear Leader’s “get in their face.”

Punching a Republican might be a little more hazardous with the new CHL holders. And as long as “beaten to death” is listed as cause of death on coroner’s reports, it will be justified.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | December 20, 2011 at 8:32 am

Lucky Charlie. When the top advisers in the White House tried turning Rush into an issue shortly after Obama took office, Rush used it as fodder for his show for weeks to come.

I’m guessing that’s what Charlie means when he says he loves it. They’ve given him stuff to talk about for as long as he wants, reduced his show prep time, and basically improved his quality of life. What nice early Christmas gift.

I started streaming Sykes (620 a.m.) during the Madison fiasco-

Limbaugh hasn’t much on Charlie-